Salesforce-Amazon Integration

Integrate your Salesforce CRM and Amazon storefront

Amazon is a valuable eCommerce platform for companies and merchants looking to expand their sales reach, but aligning Amazon data in a CRM application like Salesforce is often a manual process. Organizations that integrate the two, however, can sync sales information and automate data flows to enhance productivity and gain valuable insight. A Salesforce-Amazon integration using Cleo Integration Cloud provides the connectivity for end-to-end data processing, the visibility to streamline operations, and the platform to scale your business.

Salesforce amazon integration
salesforce to amazon integrated

Frictionless Salesforce-Amazon integration

Sharing information between your CRM solution like Salesforce and your Amazon eCommerce store provides added value for an organization. With Cleo Integration Cloud’s Salesforce-Amazon integration solution, you can sync data between your Amazon storefront and Salesforce CRM and leverage comprehensive customer views that drive new revenue models.

Connect Salesforce and Amazon

Fully integrated solution

Using the Cleo Integration Cloud platform, you can connect to the Amazon API and pull data from your online storefront and integrate it with into your Salesforce CRM – and vice versa – to ensure visibility and data synchronization between eCommerce tools and your system of record. 

Quickly integrate with Salesforce via an intuitive developer experience
Bootstrap your integration skill set with Cleo Services to hit the ground running
Streamline order-to-cash, reduce errors, and enhance reliability
Define, configure, and automate revenue-driving order management processes
Ensure data integrity between Amazon Seller Central, cloud and on-premise applications, databases, and file systems to your Salesforce CRM

salesforce to amazon integration diagram

Benefits of Cleo’s Salesforce-Amazon integration

Discover everything you can do with Cleo:

Cleo offers a seamless, codeless integration platform that empowers your organization confidently meet your business commitments. Effortlessly integrate Acumatica ERP and Salesforce CRM, eliminate manual processes, and reduce custom coding by leveraging APIs. Verify and transform data, connect application data flows to EDI systems, sync eCommerce data to back-end systems, and securely transfer data to enterprise applications for storage and analysis. With Cleo, drive business intelligence and optimize operational outcomes, simplifying complex workflows for enhanced efficiency and success.

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