Integrate your NetSuite ERP with the Amazon Marketplace
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NetSuite-Amazon Integration

Integrate your NetSuite ERP with the Amazon Marketplace

Amazon is a valuable e-commerce platform for companies and merchants looking to expand their sales reach, but aligning Amazon data flows on the back end in an ERP application like NetSuite is too often a manual process. Organizations that integrate the two applications, however, can sync product information, order and inventory status, shipping updates, and customer info and automate data flows. A NetSuite-Amazon integration using Cleo Integration Cloud provides the connectivity for end-to-end data processing, the visibility to streamline operations, and the platform to scale your business.

Frictionless NetSuite-Amazon integration

Sharing information between an e-commerce platform like Amazon and a back-end ERP solution like NetSuite provides added efficiency and value for an organization. With Cleo Integration Cloud’s Amazon-NetSuite connector, sync data between your Amazon store and NetSuite ERP to leverage end-to-end data processing that improves order-to-cash workflows and drives new revenue models.

Connect NetSuite and Amazon

Frictionless NetSuite-Amazon integration

Fully integrated solution

Connect your business ecosystem with Cleo Integration Cloud, which provides the integration layer between NetSuite and Amazon. Using the Amazon API, the e-commerce connector pulls data out of Amazon and integrates it into the NetSuite ERP – and vice versa – to ensure visibility and data synchronization between your digital storefront and your back-end system of record.

  • Quickly integrate with NetSuite via an intuitive experience to define and configure process, design-time and runtime resources
  • Streamline order-to-cash business processes, reduce errors, and enhance reliability and integrity
  • Sync data between Amazon and other cloud and on-premise applications, databases, and files to the NetSuite ERP
  • Activate seamless e-commerce to ERP integration and automate complex inbound and outbound business processes
  • Automate ordering and invoicing processes based on predefined business rules, such as winning new business
Cleo Integration Cloud is a Netsuite-Amazon Integration Solution
Benefits of Cleo’s NetSuite-Amazon connector


Keep critical business and financial information up-to-date and make better, faster business decisions

Access real-time data visibility


Gain end-to-end process visibility to increase business intelligence and proactively respond to issues



Connect disparate data, applications, systems, and trading partners to enhance critical business processes

Additional advantages:

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  • Seamlessly integrate your NetSuite ERP and Amazon storefront
  • Eliminate manual integration processes
  • Sync ecommerce data to your back-end systems
  • Reduce custom coding and leverage APIs
  • Automatically verify and transform your data
  • Connect these and other application data flows to your EDI system
  • Securely hand off data to enterprise applications and systems for storage and analysis
  • Drive business intelligence and optimize operational outcomes