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Benefits of Cleo's Managed Services Approach

Curious about the secret to effortless integration? Explore our infographic to uncover Cleo's Managed Services advantage.

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SAP EDI Integration - Essentials & Best Practices Guide

Discover the secrets of SAP integration and EDI setup: Learn how SAP ERPs and EDI work together, benefits, challenges, best practices, common transactions, and more.

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EDI Transactions Guide

Master the art of B2B communication with our comprehensive guide to EDI transactions, unlocking the secrets to streamlined and efficient business interactions.

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NetSuite EDI Integration - Essentials & Best Practices Guide

In this blog, we provide a comprehensive overview of EDI integrations with your NetSuite ERP, so you can build successful EDI connections between your digital ecosystem to your trading partners and start growing your business.

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The B2B Integration Playbook for Microsoft Dynamics

This in-depth webinar covers topics like how to choose the right approach to Dynamics integration, and the importance of being able to see what’s going on after you’ve integrated.

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3 B2B Integration Use Cases You Will See in 2024

With decades of analyst and integration industry experience, Frank Kenney has a good feel for the B2B integration use cases and trends we’re likely to experience in 2024. Watch this on-demand webinar for his take!

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Ecosystem Integration Explained

Cleo’s Chief Technology Officer, John Thielens, covers the basics of Ecosystem integration and explains why this approach to integration makes sense if you’re connecting your business processes to a trading partner community.

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