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A global system of partnerships

The Cleo Partner Program strives to help its partners grow their business, so we can expand each other’s capabilities and deliver better solutions to our joint customers. It’s a business-building program driven by your requirements.

Cleo has developed a suite of technologies focused on business-to-business collaboration and application integration that helps partners leverage and re-monetize existing business models and embrace new ones, including cloud computing. The secret to success is collaboration: working together to sell, deploy, and scale complete solutions.

We believe in working closely together to develop a variety of global partnerships. Customers demand complete solutions, not point software products. Growing a family of partnerships helps us deliver those solutions and helps you:

  • Grow your business faster
  • Enhance your product portfolio with compelling solutions
  • Deliver cutting-edge technologies and services to your customers

With proven solutions, exceptional support, and resources that help you grow business and win new opportunities, join us in helping to solve the business world’s expanding data movement and integration challenges.


What our partners are saying

Joe Scioscia

“With an industry-leading suite of solutions and an excellent support team, Cleo provides sales, technology, and market expertise unparalleled in the B2B integration space. Cleo and VAI have thrived in a sharply aligned technology partnership for more than 17 years, and this truly strategic relationship ensures VAI’s customers receive an exceptional business solution every time.”

— Joe Scioscia

Vice president of sales, VAI

Matt Ruth

“For many of our carrier customers EDI is a mission-critical capability required by shippers. What makes Cleo a great partner is that it provides a reliable, highly accurate EDI solution that is easy to configure and use, and that is scalable and cost effective for all types and sizes of customers. EDI is a necessity for carriers and with Cleo our TMWSuite and TruckMate customers have an integrated solution that can be supported on a variety of platforms.”

— Matt Ruth

Senior vice president of professional services, TMW

James Lewis

“The Cleo Integration Cloud, provides a common platform for all data integration requirements. Going further than just pure MFT, Cleo provides A2A, B2B, EDI, Secure Email, Collaboration and a High Speed Protocol for Big Data.┬áThe single instance aspect shouldn’t be underestimated and is a true differentiator for Cleo. Being able to audit and report on all data transfers into and out of the business through a single point is powerful and I’d have to say that Cleo is probably one of the strongest Enterprise offerings.”

— James Lewis

Managing director, Pro2col

What Makes Cleo Different?

Market-leading technology. Awarding-winning services. Comprehensive market expertise. A relationship built on collaboration and support. Competitive margins. Get it all in a Cleo partnership.

  • Solutions: Provide your customers with not just software but the technologies, services, and market expertise to meet their expanding needs.
  • Flexibility: Different engagement and partnership models to choose from mean you can be sure you’re entering a relationship that will work for your business.
  • Community: Join a global network of value-added resellers, managed service providers, consultants, and other companies who can expand your business as part of an ecosystem of partners.
  • Support: Access world-class training and education resources, as well as ongoing support from the Channel Partner Manager, the Cleo Support Team, and the Cleo Online Portal.
  • Growth: Connect your business to our experts, our resources, and our vertical markets expertise to grow together.
  • Ease of use: Cleo solutions are built on the simple concept that we must be easy to use, and our partnerships follow the same principle. It’s easier doing business with Cleo.

How we partner

Cleo’s world-class sales and support teams work with you throughout the process, from enablement and demand generation to the final sale.

Icon for strategy


  • Define joint goals
  • Develop an enablement plan for sales, marketing, and support
  • Identify joint customers
  • Define go-to-market plan
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  • Joint investment into lead-generation activities
  • Funnel leads to your sales team
  • Marketing kit with co-branded collateral
  • Customer references
Icon for sales


  • Assist with sales strategy and process
  • Collaborate on sales opportunities
  • Joint selling with sales and system architects

Expertise at your fingertips

Change can be challenging, which is why we’re committed to the training and education of our partners. We recognize the value in sharing our expertise with you, so we support our partners from lead generation right through to a sale and beyond.

  • Sales training: Live and online training sessions about vertical markets, use-case scenarios, and how to position the Cleo Integration Suite.
  • Product training: Understand the Cleo Integration Suite and how our products and services work together.
  • Technical training: In-depth training on the products’ technical capabilities and market differentiation.
  • Market training: Understand the current and future needs of your customers, and understand where to properly compete.

Cleo Solutions

Cleo Clarify logo

Automate Data Transformation

Accelerate business data integration between your applications and trading partners by transforming data from any source format to any destination format. Whether it’s XML, EDI, databases, spreadsheets, or any other special format of virtually any size, get the job done without custom coding or scripting.

Cleo Harmony logo

Integrate Across the Enterprise and Beyond

Whether you’re moving big data, large volumes of files, or both, the Cleo Harmony solution enables enterprises to move, view, and act on critical business data while ensuring security and governance. The Cleo Harmony product supports high availability and load balancing for companies that strive for 100% uptime.

Cleo Trust logo

Because Accelerated File Transfer is Critical

As the size of data increases for all communications with customers, suppliers, and other internal endpoints, a high-speed file transfer solution becomes essential. Businesses no longer have to use traditional protocols over high-latency networks and can stop shipping physical devices to transfer high data volumes.

Cleo LexiCom logo

Secure and Seamless for 1 to 5 Connections

With Cleo LexiCom, your easy point-to-point connectivity solution, meet each of your trading partner’s individual requirements, mandates, and schedules. The integrated scheduler feature eliminates bottlenecks and simplifies workflows, and the certificate management feature allows you to manage partner relationships more efficiently.

Cleo Streem logo

A Complete Communications Platform

Cleo Streem is an interactive communications system that simplifies critical workflows. By automating manual communications processes, you can enhance make faster and more accurate decisions on staffing levels, limit the number of costly missed appointments, and gather important data from customers, vendors, or constituents.

Cleo VLTrader logo

Connect, Integrate Your Applications

If your company needs to integrate with many trading partners and applications using different protocols, our Cleo VLTrader solution makes it easy. Connect quickly and easily to securely manage file transfers and reliably track communications, helping your company to streamline processes, reduce costs, and ensure compliance.

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