News: Cleo Leadership Shares Vision to Simplify Data Integration and Change How Companies Do Business

Company experiences tripled revenue growth, poised for success to respond to changing marketplace demands for intuitive, enterprise data movement technology

Loves Park, IL – Cleo, a leading provider of best-in-class end-to-end enterprise data integration, secure managed file transfer and collaboration solutions, announced today tripled revenue growth in the last three years, a milestone the company attributes to prolific leadership as well as a strong investment in research and development.

“We are proud of the tremendous results we’ve seen toward top-line growth, spurred by our latest product developments and a keen understanding of market needs,” said Mahesh Rajasekharan, Ph.D., CEO of Cleo.  “We are passionate about our continued innovation that delivers high-velocity big data movement, secure file sharing and collaboration for business, providing a next generation B2B gateway that scales to meet business requirements in the face of exploding data volumes and complexity.”

The company, headquartered in Loves Park, Illinois, was purchased by Globe Eq­­uity Partners in April 2012. At that time, Rajasekharan and Sumit Garg, president of Cleo, assumed their current leadership positions. Rajasekharan, a transformative software industry leader specializing in operational turnaround, was joined by Garg, a visionary technology executive focused on finance and strategic business development, to capitalize upon the company’s potential as a market leader for data integration software and to accelerate business growth.

In addition to achieving record-setting revenue figures under the new leadership, the company is also expanding with a tripled employee count and three new office locations. Cleo now operates in Loves Park, Chicago, Bangalore, and London.

“Companies now understand the need to innovate to take on big data, but there’s a gap in how to take that on successfully. Orchestrating the process of data exchange so that the right information is routed to the right person at the right time is so much more than a changing of hands – it requires true end-to-end mechanisms so data can be accessed and acted upon,” said Garg. “Three years ago, we committed to building the most intuitive, comprehensive data movement solutions required for modern business interactions. With a strong team, we came into a great company well-poised to make our vision a reality. And that’s exactly what we’ve seen happen.”

Cleo specializes in end-to-end data integration and collaboration solutions to meet enterprises’ modern data and big data demands, including application-to-business, application-to-application, person-to-person, and person-to-system solutions.

This year, the company released major product announcements with the introduction of the Cleo Jetsonic and Cleo Unify solutions. Able to transfer up to 6.9GB of data in 90 seconds, Cleo Jetsonic is the fastest data transfer solution in the world – and 345 percent faster than the next best alternative. Cleo Unify, a browser-based collaboration solution, supports intuitive and secure file sharing across the enterprise, yet enables the enterprise to retain data control.

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