News: Cleo Launches Cleo Trust™ and Announces Cleo Unify™ Release 2.0

LOVES PARK, Illinois — Cleo, a leading provider of information integration and interactive engagement solutions, is proud to announce its newest product, Cleo Trust™ software for the secure email of large file attachments, as well as release 2.0 of Cleo Unify™ software which provides secure file sharing and collaboration.

The Cleo Trust solution is Cleo’s new secure email offering that helps organizations gain control of information, eliminate data breaches, and achieve the flexibility and agility to increase their business productivity. The Cleo Trust solution enables corporate users to securely communicate sensitive data files via email with customers, prospects, business partners, and employees both inside and outside the company firewall. And users do not have to worry about encrypting attachments, determining whether the attachments are too large, or verifying that files were received by the recipient since the Cleo Trust software does it for them. The Cleo Trust solution provides governance and visibility by tracking all files that are received by or sent to an organization. The Cleo Trust solution works with existing email systems and can easily scale for future growth.

Both Cleo Unify and Cleo Trust releases share an enhanced user interface that is intuitive and easy to use. Modeled after many of the most popular social networking applications, these Cleo products offer a familiar look that users can eagerly adopt and embrace.

“Our latest product offering, the Cleo Trust solution, provides the confidence that business users need to trust that the important business messages and attachments that they need to send to their customers and other recipients will reach them and only them,” said Joe Dupree, vice president of marketing at Cleo. “The Cleo Trust solution puts organizations in control over where their email and attachment data is stored, how long the data persists, and who has access to it.”

“Our Cleo Unify and Cleo Trust solutions enable companies to securely share files, both internally and externally, while providing the visibility, security, and governance needed to protect and control mission-critical data from breaches that can cost a company time, money, and credibility,” said Mahesh Rajasekharan, Ph.D., chief executive officer of Cleo. “The Cleo Unify and Cleo Trust products provide the comprehensive governance and control needed to collaborate and exchange data between employees, partners, and customers.”

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