News: Cleo Recertified for AS3, ebMS Interoperability by Drummond Group

LOVES PARK, IL — Cleo, a leading provider of information integration solutions, announced today that it has successfully completed Drummond Group’s ebMS 2.0 interoperability testing in the fourth quarter of 2014 and for AS3 interoperability certification for the first quarter of 2015.

These particular tests certify versions 5.1 of Cleo’s secure data integration product family, including Cleo HarmonyCleo VLTrader®, and Cleo LexiCom® products.

 The ebMS 2.0 data transfer standards are globally used in multiple industries, including automotive, financial services, government, and healthcare. EbMS 2.0 is the messaging layer of the ebXML framework, and, as an OASIS standard, enables secure and reliable Internet-based data exchange.

AS3 is the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) messaging specification standard (RFC 4823) that enables software applications to systematically and securely communicate and exchange data, including XML, EDI, and other formats, over the Internet with underlying technologies that enable digital security and message receipt validation. Cleo has participated in every test that Drummond Group has offered for AS3.

“Cleo continues its deep investment and support of reliable, secure, and easy-to-implement data communication protocols that enable our customers to quickly meet business and compliance requirements, move big data, integrate with cloud infrastructure, conduct e-commerce across a multi-enterprise supply chain, integrate within the enterprise, and much more,” said Joe Dupree, VP of Marketing at Cleo. “Our ongoing support of AS3, ebMS 2.0, OFTP 2, and numerous other leading communication standards enable Cleo customers to easily integrate with all of the endpoints they need to reach with one easy-to-use integration platform.”

“The Drummond Certified program has provided numerous companies innovative ways to test their newest software applications in a vendor‐neutral environment for many years,” said Rik Drummond, CEO of Drummond Group Inc. “We commend these global companies on their commitment to working together and creating software that offers extra benefits for their customers.”

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