News: Cleo Integration Cloud Gains Momentum Through Rapidly Increasing Customer Adoption

Ecosystem-driven cloud integration platform showcased at Cleo’s annual user conference in Nashville

NASHVILLE – OCT. 17, 2018 – Recognizing how disruptive IT modernization, cloud migration, and data integration can be to businesses of all sizes, Cleo, the global leader in cloud integration software, is actively helping companies embrace and execute on the bigger picture of ecosystem enablement, a process-driven integration strategy Cleo believes will empower organizations to not just weather the digital storm but make digital business transformation lucrative.

“The realities of digital transformation are creating new opportunities for businesses to deliver value and new experiences to their customers, fundamentally changing the competitive landscape across every industry,” Cleo CEO Mahesh Rajasekharan said during his keynote at the company’s annual customer event held this week in Nashville.

Introduced in early 2018, Cleo Integration Cloud, the company’s flagship iPaaS solution, is designed to connect and integrate the dynamic network of ecosystem entities – people, partners, customers, systems, applications, things – and enable the critical data flows driving business revenue. By integrating B2B systems inside and outside a business, seamlessly connecting enterprise applications delivered via public and private clouds, and enabling modern SaaS solutions to work with legacy platforms, Cleo Integration Cloud’s ecosystem-driven integration approach orchestrates the critical data processes that directly impact a company’s most important business relationships.

With this approach, Cleo Integration Cloud ultimately serves as the technology backbone businesses need to master any strategic digital transformation initiative, on their own terms and timeframes, and at a manageable subscription-based cost.

The demand for solutions built on an iPaaS technology that strategically integrates end-to-end business processes continues to increase, as evidenced by a recent spike in adoption. Cleo has added more than 100 customers to the Cleo Integration Cloud platform in the past 10 months, joining a robust roster of businesses already leveraging the ecosystem enablement solution, and hundreds more are actively evaluating Cleo’s innovative approach to modern integration challenges.

Global companies like TaylorMade and other forward-thinking organizations are using Cleo Integration Cloud to automate interactions with their ecosystem partners and support aggressive growth ambitions.

“Since we began working together, Cleo has consistently met the challenge of automating the complex ecosystem that drives TaylorMade’s supply chain and the business,” said Jen Niethammer, senior EDI and compliance coordinator for TaylorMade, which produces the world’s most popular golf equipment. “Cleo’s unparalleled data movement and data transformation capabilities in the cloud ensure TaylorMade can act with more speed, flexibly interact with our online partner platforms, and better compete in the evolving retail landscape.”

The Importance of Ecosystem Enablement

The idea of what it means to be a modern digital enterprise has evolved in the era of the cloud and digital transformation. That evolution has helped restore C-level executives’ and IT decision-makers’ focus on the enterprise as a connected community working toward common business goals, rather than a standalone entity with frequent external business interactions.

According to Gartner, “there has always been a business ecosystem, but digital technologies have shifted the organization’s perspective outwards and created the opportunity to develop innovative new business models. Designing and assessing an ecosystem business model is now an essential activity for organizations.” 1

This shift has substantially renewed interest in how cloud integration technology can not only provide advanced B2B connectivity, but also deliver business value through ecosystem enablement.

“Business leaders thinking about the cloud are starting to view their companies and their industries as digital ecosystems, with multiple touchpoints, that all must be seamlessly connected to drive their business initiatives,” Rajasekharan said. “In the process, they are discovering that they can actually create value by improving what is happening at those touchpoints by modernizing their processes and the technologies that support them and improving those relationships.

“This ecosystem-driven mindset is where Cleo fundamentally helps its customers gain competitive advantage, by ensuring they focus on adding value to their digital ecosystem relationships that drive revenue, rather than deal with the minutiae of integration.”

About Cleo Integration Cloud

Designed to help you connect, integrate, and analyze your end-to-end data flows between your enterprise systems and your ecosystem, the Cleo Integration Cloud iPaaS solution drives ecosystem enablement through application, B2B, and data integration use cases. The platform delivers a modern approach to data movement, data transformation, and application connectivity capabilities that organizations require to orchestrate and integrate business processes for effectively competing in the age of digital transformation.

The newest enhancements to the platform, which supports flexible cloud, on-premise, and hybrid deployment models, provide an advanced user experience and improve how businesses can readily consume the valuable data powering their business ecosystems. Recent enhancements to the platform focus on enabling:

  • Improved user experiences for ease of use
  • Increased self-service capabilities to provide organizational agility
  • Role-based operational dashboards for comprehensive visibility and control
  • Offloading of non-core activities to Cleo through an optional managed-service offering

As more organizations look to simplify connectivity, improve operational agility, strengthen partner and customer relationships, and accelerate new revenue opportunities via Cleo Integration Cloud adoption, they can rest assured knowing the platform will provide perpetual business value by:

  • Elegantly connecting the edges of your digital ecosystem through end-to-end process integration
  • Providing a blend of service options, with a strategic evolution toward self-service capabilities empowering business and IT users
  • Delivering rich contextual data views for better decision-making

For more information on Cleo Integration Cloud or to set up a demo, contact Cleo or visit us online.

1 Gartner, “The Future of Your Business Ecosystem in the Age of Digital Business: A Gartner Trend Insight Report,” Marcus Blosch and Jan-Martin Lowendahl, 12 September 2018.

About Cleo

Cleo is a cloud integration technology company focused on business outcomes, ensuring each customer’s potential is realized by delivering solutions that make it easy to discover and create value through the movement and integration of enterprise data. By providing the industry’s most complete and flexible integration offerings, Cleo helps companies build trusted relationships across their partner ecosystem today, while providing all the control and visibility they need to advance their business tomorrow. For more information, visit or call +1.815.282.7695.

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