News: Behind That Turkey is a Whole Lot of Secure Data Movement

Cleo’s Senior Director of Product Marketing Paul Lavery wrote a feature ahead of Thanksgiving on the digital magic that happens with the production, supply chain, and everything in between to get those turkeys to millions of fall-festooned tables across the United States.

For every turkey that’s on the move in one direction through the supply chain, electronic data is moving back and forth between companies and certainly within each enterprise as well. This means the availability of Thanksgiving’s main entree hinges on a complex orchestration of secure data movement and logistics, and it’s a delicate balance – one that organizations cannot take lightly.

The infrastructure to securely and reliably move and integrate current dataflows is an essential component.

Read Paul’s thoughts on the current IT technologies and new capabilities, including the Internet of Things, available for integrating mechanized farm-to-table logistics operationsfrom Supply & Demand Chain Executive.

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