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Modern services and software solutions are moving from being on-premise to being deployed in cloud environments, and a whole new range of systems and services enabled by SaaS and cloud technologies are being offered to businesses.

SaaS organizations and the services and systems they offer are highly reliant on the ability to ingest data from the businesses they service, process the received data as part of a well-orchestrated and secure workflow, and provide responses in a way that is easily accessible to the businesses using those services.

The dynamic nature of SaaS ecosystems means that a company’s ability to be easy to do business with can be critical to its success. Thus, providing fast and reliable information exchanges to and from customers is the central core of every software and SaaS solution, particularly those supporting businesses.

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Benefits of Cleo’s MFT and B2B gateway technology

Usable off-the-shelf

Usable off-the-shelf, with no need to build customer code


Ubiquitous, providing all of the connectors and protocols your customers and back-end systems need to integrate with


DevOps-enabled, allowing quick spin-up, spin-down, flexible licensing, database independence and full support for immutable infrastructure patterns common in SaaS environments

Highly scalable

Highly scalable, capable of supporting the most demanding levels of throughput

Flexibly licensed

Flexibly licensed, in a way that allows you to meet your needs with a well-defined and controllable cost model

“Our commitment is to connect, integrate, and exceed our global customers’ expectations by providing secure and efficient electronic means to receive and transfer data globally. And we needed [Cleo] to better deliver on that promise.”

— Luther Brown, nVision Global Technology Solutions

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Cleo delivers data services infrastructure

With each new customer, the demand for different file formats and protocols can rapidly become overwhelming, and it’s imperative to give customers a full range of protocols, connectors, approaches, and data formats to get data to and from the SaaS solution.

Homegrown or open-source components become harder and harder to maintain as take-up of a cloud service grows. As more protocols and connectors are added, each must be integrated into the overall architecture, and provisioning and governance infrastructure.

Cleo provides everything you need to power your SaaS offering. With a complete range of protocols, seamless scalability and a full set of APIs, Cleo’s solution can be quickly and easily built into your cloud platform to provide the connectivity and integration required to support your customers and grow your business.

With seamless connectivity capabilities, data movement up to 3.5 times faster than traditional transfer approaches, and complete governance and real-time visibility into every transaction, Cleo’s SaaS integration solutions deliver the data services infrastructure so you can focus on building a high-value cloud-based product.

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