Infographic: The State of Ecosystem and Application Integration

4 Aspects of Integration IT Decision-Makers Wish They Could Fix Today

The most common B2B, application, and cloud integration challenges permeate companies regardless of industry, and many directly affect business growth and revenue, according to a 2019 market survey.

In most instances, the surveyed respondents – 100 IT decision-makers in the supply chain, financial services, retail/e-commerce, healthcare, and technology sectors – understand the root causes of their current integration challenges and know what they need to resolve them, yet most admit they can’t because they lack the required ecosystem integration capabilities.

The bottom line, according to the survey, is that interacting with partners and customers can be easier, and most believe they can do so through IT modernization projects that improve four key areas of integration.

Download our one-page infographic and learn what those four key areas are and how much it costs a business every year if it doesn’t improve them. (Spoiler alert: It’s a lot.)




Cleo Integration Cloud Overview

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