Realize superior security across the omnichannel enterprise ecosystem with comprehensive data integration solutions

The anatomy of a retail breach shows that sensitive data, no matter the size or prowess of the company, are potentially susceptible. The strength of your informational security is directly proportional to the weakest electronic link connecting stores, suppliers, distributers, financial partners, and logistics providers. Whether you sell electronics, apparel, groceries, or cars – protecting your brand starts with the assurance that your entire digital supply chain is secure. Cleo B2B, application integration, and Big Data Gateway solutions are tailor-made to realize the security, compliance, and digital business needs of brick-and-mortar retail to streamline store operations, facilitate real-time insight into omnichannel dataflows, and build your business.

How Cleo integrated retail solutions benefit brick-and-mortar retailers

Speed to revenue

Speed to revenue

The ability to rapidly connect new customers, suppliers, and retail partners with vital trading systems, business infrastructure, and essential office applications is essential to increasing the capacity for faster revenue generation.



Real-time visibility into omnichannel retail data adds not only transparency to business processes and organizational interactions, but it is the first step toward increasing agile and strategic responsiveness to constantly evolving conditions, including in-store pricing, supply logistics, and elastic demand.

SLA compliance

SLA compliance

Modern retail necessitates comprehensive multi-channel integration that incorporates mission-critical data regardless of the source, size, or format. When all of your data is secure in motion and at rest, the risk of SLA violations for key customers and trading partners is effectively mitigated.

Mandate compliance

Mandate compliance

As a retailer, you are subject to a host of stringent compliance mandates that necessitate extraordinary measures to ensure the security and sanctity of sensitive financial, consumer, and corporate data flowing in, out, and through your omnichannel business systems. Stay on top of PCI DSS, IFRS, Basel II, Global Trade, EH&S, SOX, and more.

Inventory management

Inventory management

Effective inventory management calls for a steep reduction in the transactional delays and errors that can impact inventory, production, and distribution.

Cleo solutions for in-store retail

Multi-enterprise integration

Omnichannel Integration

From mobile and tablets to the mass proliferation of beacon technology, new channels of data generation are continually emerging that require secure ingestion into central business systems for processing, storage, and analytics to increase predictive and competitive pricing, demand forecasting abilities, and customer intimacy.

Cost Optimization

Increasing the flexibility of your integration to enable real-time insight and event-based execution is key to driving business agility, controlling operational expenses, and preventing cost escalation. With Cleo’s powerful array of administrative monitoring and visibility tools, you’ll gain business insight to forecast demand and predict optimal price points that make you far more competitive.

Speed to Revenue

With over 900 preconfigured connections, Cleo’s automated mapping tools accelerate the partner onboarding process, impacting your speed to revenue. Quickly and easily onboard new suppliers, trading partners, and customers to start doing business in hours instead of days.

Application integration


Cleo secures all sensitive consumer information, corporate transactions, and financial data including payment, invoice, and billing records at flight or rest, protecting the sanctity of your systems and the integrity of your brand.


Cleo provides key stakeholders with the solution tools and capabilities needed to pass internal and governmental audits. Access highly detailed end-to-end tracking and easily searchable audit trails that provide granular activity logs for intermingled, heterogeneous, and volumetric multi-enterprise dataflows.


Downtime is not just an SLA issue. Modern shoppers don’t wait. Cleo integration solutions provide essential high availability and reliability to guarantee business continuity, protect SLAs, and keep customers loyal.

Data lake integration


There is a reason it’s called “big” data. Informational assets are continually expanding in size and with the proliferation of data sources, data volumes are exponential and unprecedented. Cleo provides a highly elastic, highly scalable Big Data Gateway that ensures you can handle the growing intensity of even the most demanding big data volumes and peak flows.


Effectively operationalizing big data requires massive aggregate datasets to move with extraordinary efficiency. Unfortunately, most legacy applications may crash or overrun system capacity, severely slowing down not just transfers but concurrent business activities. Cleo accelerates big data movement, propelling your mission-critical data to key big data analytics platforms and data centers at top speed.


Retailers are big and early proponents of big data. They have realized some of the most innovative uses of data analytics, and achieved amazing returns in business, operations, and customer interactions. But before you see a big data ROI, you need the capabilities to gather and access data first. Cleo provides comprehensive ingestion for big data that pulls information from all sources and connects to essential distributed storage systems like Hadoop and Amazon S3.

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