Efficiency-primed B2B and application integration, big data, and high-speed solutions for third-party logistics and supply chain organizations

Customers come to you in part because the globalization of their supply chain has altered the topography of doing business. Big data, enhanced sensors, and even the eventuality of driverless vehicles are similarly altering the information and data landscape where your company operates. The growth of complexity in modern logistics represents a greater challenge to operational efficiency and calls for more than a purely tactical approach to demand management. Evolving to be more proactive and strategic is contingent on timely access to comprehensive insight into the digital side of your business. The highly sophisticated data movement and integration capabilities offered by Cleo solutions provide the springboard your business needs to push fully-optimized logistical efficiency across the entire supply chain.

How Cleo logistics solutions benefit 3PL and supply chain management companies



To optimize delivery and eliminate inefficiencies, you need to quickly and securely facilitate informational collaboration with the many connected enterprises that comprise your digitally integrated supply chain.

SLA Compliance

SLA compliance

On-time delivery, inventory reductions, and perfect order percentage (POP) are some of the key SLA metrics that require process optimization derived from data integration competencies.

Data inights

Cost reduction

Increasing the efficacy of supply chain operations through real-time data insights lead to predictable, controllable OPEX, and by extension, reduce customer costs.

Inventory management

Inventory management

Converting predictive demand forecasts into executable action requires seamless and reliable integration of data from multiple sources across the multi-enterprise ecosystem.



The ability to continually operate at peak performance requires actionable insight that originates from powerful dashboard views and real-time reports for all your transactional data.

Cleo solutions for third party logistics and supply chain management

Multi-enterprise integration

Speed to revenue

Your ability to rapidly integrate with new customers and onboard new trading partners is the key to accelerating your time to revenue. Cleo offers over 900 preconfigured business connections representing some of the largest trading ecosystems in the world.


Your data is really your customers’ data. With Cleo, fully secure every file transfer with compliance audit trails, robust end-to-end encryption, and the reduced risk associated with external firewall access.


Any-to-any transformation allows you to automate data mapping and format translation for all types of files you need to do business.


With an emphasis on visibility across the full supply chain, you will drive better analytical decisions and optimize operations from production to destination. View dashboards and real-time customized reports for 24/7 monitoring that provide visibility to both internal and external users.


Any downtime is a major disruption to business activity and can severely damage your relationship with customers. Cleo’s B2B integration solution provides a reverse proxy, load balancing, and failover to be a highly available, highly reliable component of your technology stack.

Application integration


Eliminate manually intensive file transfer processes that expend time and effort. Utilize event-based processing and workflow orchestration to fully automate your file transfer environment, reducing lead times and improving fulfillment.


Seamlessly migrate off outdated and insufficient technologies to an interoperable single-platform solution suite for advanced application integration that connects your people, digital processes, and essential business systems.


Eliminate process disruptions with comprehensive monitoring features that detect and deliver proactive notifications. Quickly anticipate, find, and resolve business issues like delayed load tenders, ASN’s (Advanced Ship Notices) or missing/delayed status information to help eliminate production outages and data delivery issues.


Audit trails with granular activity tracking to ensure all levels of industry and government compliance for inbound logistics, inventory management, cross docking, fulfillment, packaging, warehousing, and integrated logistics operations.

Data lake integration


The data formats involved in logistics are increasingly varied from fully structured X12 and EDIFACT to semi-structured raw data. You need the technological capabilities to handle both types — and everything in between — in a highly efficient, intuitive, and repeatable way.


Handle limitless transaction flows for data sizes big and small with carrier-grade scalability and extreme elasticity for flexible and reliable big data integration under even the most demanding requirements.


Accelerate large file transfers over a massive array of secure protocols with checkpoint restart, data validation, and maximum speed regardless of network conditions. Get your data there faster with Cleo.

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