Integrate, automate, and transform data-flows to redefine the performance of your trading systems

To facilitate modern electronic compliance in the highly regulated securities and brokerage industries, organizations require advanced integration technology designed to streamline complex data exchanges across dispersed trading systems. Institutions dealing in asset and collateral management, hedge funds, securities trading, and settlements require pervasive multichannel integration solutions. And the accelerated flow of mission-critical information made possible by Cleo helps build the predictive insight to limit risk and stay ahead of market volatility. Become a data-driven enterprise that propels exceptionally intelligent analysis, investment, and algorithmic trade.

How Cleo financial solutions benefit securities firms



Any-to-any data transformation that allows businesses requiring extensive data formats to proceed in line with all industry standards.



Dynamic integration that facilitates automated transactional exchange speeding the flow of business and increasing margins.

Legacy systems integration

Legacy integration

Consolidating from multiple single-point solutions onto a centralized platform to drive expansive file transfer and pervasive integration capabilities.



Prioritized high availability to deliver constant uptime across high-frequency trading systems.



Centralized control, visibility, and extensive reporting that enhance the organizational ability to maintain the profusion of industry-specific and multitier governmental compliance standards, including IEC/ISO 27000 series, IAS/IFRS, SAP, MiFID, SEPA, Basel II, SWIFT, CFTC, and SEC.

Cleo solutions for securities

Multi-enterprise integration


Integrate data-flows regardless of format and automate financial messaging standardization.


Keep key personnel informed and increase the efficacy of trade cancellation and corrections.


Seamlessly integrate payment and settlement data from multiple sources of operation to enhance document management.


Free staff from time-consuming manual process and add agility to transactional flows powering your business processes.

File acceleration


A highly scalable and elastic capacity to better handle the density and increasing frequency of high-volume trade flows.


Meet the proliferation of data sources and formats with rapid and agile systematic adaptability.


Sharpen your competitive edge with high-speed file transfer that moves mission-critical data faster than any other solution on the market.


Ensure all of your data reaches the destination. Eliminate data degradation without sacrificing speed or increasing latency.

Cloud integration


Cleo provides quickly deployable integration for fast and surgical migration of existing components off legacy infrastructure without extensive hand coding.


Technical and business process integration that simplifies IT procedures and helps ensure continuity.


With any high-priority technological investment involving the cloud, security is a topline factor. Protect your data — in motion and at rest — with end-to-end security that meets even the most stringent compliance mandates.


Maintain clear audit trails for data flowing through the cloud with granular reporting to meet IOSCO compliance.

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