Secure solutions for retail banking to ensure compliance and customer value

Broadly applicable standards and specific financial regulations impact both your business and the bottom line. Mitigating the risk of violation relies on the certain ability to integrate and track data and secure the surefire exchange of information along the entire financial supply chain. Consolidating your integration fulfillment with a single-platform enterprise integration suite ensures you have a flexible, highly secure, and reliable solution that more cost effectively delivers and protects the sensitive data that fuels your company.

How Cleo financial solutions benefit banking companies



Ensure end-to-end security of data in motion and at rest, trackable and guaranteed delivery, non-repudiation, and numerous operational SLAs and regulatory requirements to help meet national and international regulatory mandates for financial management, data protection, transparency, and reporting for APRA, C-SOX, ISO/IEC 27000 series, IAS/IFRS, Basel II, BSA/AML, SAP, MiFID, SEPA, and Directive 95/46/EC along with common federal, state, and local U.S. financial compliance standards such as Dodd Frank, Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), FISMA, and PCI DSS.

Visibility and control


Provide comprehensive visibility into all transactions with transaction tracking, in-depth reporting, sophisticated dashboards, and centralized monitoring for improved transparency across the lattice of banking data processes essential to measuring and maintaining critical business SLAs.

Partner management

Partner management

Rapid on-boarding of financial trading partners and large business customers. Meet technical trading partner requirements quickly with a wider range of available communication protocol and data format and transformation options. Yet, do so in a way that is supported by one common platform so that management of your multi-format and multi-protocol platform is easier, quickly, and more cost effective.

Certificate management

Certificate Management

Built-in and easy-to-use digital security certificate automation for PKI and Open PGP certificates. Ensure the uninterrupted flow of secure financial transactions and business with trading partners and banking customers.



Pervasive integration to facilitate transactional flows with retail partners, integrate business processes with backend financial applications, and support flexible multi-enterprise B2B transfers.

Cleo solutions for banking

Multi-enterprise integration


Expansive integration with global financial institutions, regulatory organizations, and customers. Modern B2B integration with an extended capacity for interoperability with legacy infrastructure. Incorporate extended sources of vital payment, transfer, and record data regardless of file format or protocol requirements.


Comprehensive any-to-any data translation for the spectrum of EDI and non-structured data formats required in banking today.


Secure the exchange of sensitive information subject to rigid compliance regulation along every point of the data supply chain. Comprehensive security to meet regulatory mandates including FINRA, SOX, and PCI DSS.


Lever a 360-degree view of your data to stay relevant in the highly competitive modern banking market. View insights faster and deepen how you understand your business and your customers.

Data lake integration


Taking advantage of big data begins with rapid ingestion. Support very-high-volume data flows to S3 and Hadoop systems.


Pull data into distributed storage regardless of sources. Lever broad encompassing protocol and format capacity with full support for big data ETL workflows.


Move the massive and constant information flows generated by multichannel mobile, web, physical POS, payment card, and increasingly new and emergent transactional sources with elastic and highly scalable integration.


With metadata tagging, event-based processing, and intuitive data orchestration, Cleo enriches as it integrates providing the right data at the right time, and forming the basis for real-time insight and powerful analytics.

Application integration


Keep all business and financial information current with workflow and event processing, and content-based routing that leads to better business insight and faster execution.


Leverage your critical legacy applications. Integrate across vital back-end enterprise systems. Quickly and easily adopt homegrown scripts in a consultant-free surgical migration. And connect to and through cloud applications.


Track HR and expense reporting, benefits claims, and proprietary file sharing, especially in highly regulated industries where meeting mandates means all audit trails all the time.

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