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Easily manage the movement of your valuable data.

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Facilitate order, invoicing and shipping document exchanges.

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Efficiently connect and handle every trading partner's integration demands.

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VLTrader facilitates AS2 and FTP communications for 100 percent of our global EDI customers and vendors, in addition to inter-company traffic. It accommodates interactive sub-processes and functional coordination with EDI software that lends to effective, efficient operations, and quick on-boarding of trading partners

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What you gain using Cleo VL Trader

More than 1,500 pre-configured connections enable you to onboard new partners faster than ever before

Seamlessly integrate with back-end systems like EDI translators, databases, and business applications and easily migrate data into a secure file transfer solution

Real-time views into all file transfers help create new efficiencies and avoid fines due to SLAs, payment delays, and performance gaps

Enable more control and governance to improve digital value you deliver your trading partners.

  • Increase efficiency and reliability

  • Eliminate downtime

  • Minimize risk with tightened security and compliance

Certified Excellence

Drummond certification is important since many trading partners require that you use a certified product in order to send files to them. Cleo has gone through certification testing every year since the inception of the Drummond Group, and has one of a very select group of products that can make this prestigious claim.

Drummond Certified 2021

Ensure your data is always flowing



Discover why Cleo Integration Cloud is considered the solution of choice for data movement and more.

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Organizations are migrating from VL Trader to Cleo Integration Cloud in order to enhance integration visibility, expedite trading partner onboarding, and easily tackle EDI issue resolution.



Our company upgraded from VLTrader to Cleo Cloud about a year ago and could not be happier. Set up is easy - partner onboarding is simple and concise. The program runs 24/7 and resolves any issues usually on it's own. Cleo takes into account suggestions from customers and regularly provides upgrades and changes to help make the product better


G2 Crowd Review

Cleo Ranks #1 in Customer Satisfaction Among the best EDI Providers

G2 Crowd®, a peer-to-peer business solutions review platform, has recognized Cleo Integration Cloud as the top EDI software platform based on user satisfaction. 


Go beyond data movement


Learn how to navigate supply chain disruption by using a centralized integration platform: Cleo Integration Cloud.

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