Cleo LexiCom

Your file transfer agent of business change.

To enable fluid digital communications with your trading partners often requires AS2 and other secure exchange protocols. Facilitate order, invoicing, and shipping document exchanges. Efficiently connect and handle every trading partner's integration demands. The Cleo LexiCom® agent is a secure file transfer client for simplified multiprotocol support, increased manageability, and visibility improvement — all out of the box.

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Rapidly connect your business and start moving data
Easily connect internal systems, SaaS applications, and external trading partners


Rapidly connect your business to the world's largest trading networks with a massive selection of pre-configured connections

Access real-time data visibility


Comprehensive real-time reporting with automated alerts and notifications keep you informed anywhere, anytime

Power Business Growth


Leverage existing technology, including EDI translators, operating systems, and IT infrastructures, to optimize resources and scale business

G2 Crowd Review

Simplicity and stability are key to our success. The product simply works without interruption allowing our B2B team to focus on value creation with our partners. This is a key service for us, and it works flawlessly.

Shastri R.
Protocol depth

The solution of choice for AS2 and more

More than just your garden-variety AS2 solution, the Cleo LexiCom client provides secure, full-functionality file management that makes connecting and managing the movement of your valuable data simple and worry-free.

    Cleo provides not only the platinum standard for AS2 file transfers, it also supports the most common protocols in the industry:

    • AS3
    • AS4
    • ebMS 2.0 (ebXML Messaging Service)
    • EBICS
    • Fasp™
    • HTTP/HTTPs
    • IBM® WebSphere® MQ
    • MLLP
    • OFTP/OFTP2
    • RNIF
    • SMTP
    • SMTPs
    • SOAP and RESTful Web Services
    • and more!
    Protocol depth

    Support OFTP2 EDI

    Widely used within the automotive industry, OFTP2 is the newest version of the Odette File Transfer Protocol that now includes security features that enable secure and reliable data exchange over the internet with faster transmission speeds.

    Cleo customers can add OFTP2 to the large and growing list of options available to connect and exchange with their trading partners worldwide. Cleo’s commitment to OFTP2 certification further enables the automotive industry to standardize on Cleo solutions to meet all of their secure B2B and managed file transfer needs.

      Cleo’s OFTP2 protocol features include:

      • Backward compatibility with OFTP
      • Support for both ISDN and TCP/IP connections
      • Large file transfer
      • Substation mailboxes
      • Certificate Logical Identification Data (CLID)
      • Automatic Certificate Exchange (ACE)
      More benefits

      Robust encryption

      Technically speaking, we’ve got you covered:

      • Encryption algorithms for RC/2, RC/4, Triple DES, and AES families. MIC algorithms for MD5, SHA1, and SHA2 families
      • Self-signed certificate generation allows private key sizes up to 4,096s
      • PGP and XML encryption deliver additional security over most protocols
      • PGP and XML encryption of data files on the local system

      1,500+ connections

      Connect in minutes to more than 1,500 of the world’s largest trading networks, including Walmart, Target, Food Lion, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Honda, and more.


      Questions you should ask your MFT vendor

      During the process of making the important decision to choose a new MFT solution, many of our customers had the same questions. We’ve compiled those frequently asked questions and answers and hope they better enable you to make the informed decision to choose Cleo Lexicom.

      Why is a Drummond Group certification important?

      Drummond certification is important since many trading partners require that you use a certified product in order to send files to them. The Cleo LexiCom product has gone through certification testing every year since the inception of the Drummond Group, and it’s one of a very select group of products that can make this prestigious claim. The Drummond “seal of approval” guarantees that the solution is certified.

      Is there a single solution that will allow me to do AS2 and FTPs?

      Yes! Cleo LexiCom supports the most protocols in the market. We are one of very few solutions that support all of these following protocols: AS2, AS3, ebMS 2.0 (ebXML Messaging Service), fasp™, FTP, FTPs, SSH FTP, HTTP, HTTPs, IBM® WebSphere® MQ, MLLP,OFTP, OFTP2, RNIF, SMTP, SMTPs, and Web Services. Cleo makes it easy and convenient to use one product to connect to all of your trading partners, customers, and VANs.

      Can Cleo help send EDI and non-EDI data securely to a VAN?

      Yes! The Cleo LexiCom client can be used to connect to any VAN, no matter what protocol it requires. It also can be used to connect directly to your trading partners and customers. Due to our large protocol stack, you can connect using any combination of these protocols: AS2, AS3, ebMS, FTP, FTPs, SSH FTP, OFTP, HTTP, HTTPs, SMTP, IBM WebSphere MQ, or PGP/FTP.

      Do you have an easy way for me to set up a connection to my trading partner?

      Cleo has already done all the hard work for you with more than 1,500 connections. Each connection is 90 percent complete with all the server specifications and requirements needed to connect to your network trading partner or VAN. Cleo’s team will help you with the last 10 percent, which is user-specific information needed to complete the connection. It’s quick and easy.

      Can I run Cleo LexiCom on a Windows or a non-Windows operating system?

      Yes! The Cleo LexiCom client can run on all of the following operating systems: Windows, AS400, AIX, HP/UX, Linux, and Solaris. It also supports 32-bit and 64-bit versions of these operating systems.