CIC Library Helps You Connect Applications With Ease

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Jumpstart Any B2B Integration

• Speed time-to-revenue for EDI, eCommerce and marketplace integrations

• Reduce implementation complexity and risk by leveraging proven, prebuilt business process logic, often with no coding required

• Gain end-to-end visibility for every transaction resulting in operational efficiency and control

Traditional B2B Integration is Tough. CIC Library Makes it Easy.

Templates & Biz Profiles

Leverage an 8,000+ B2B Trading Partner Network


• Faster EDI trading partner onboarding
• Speed up time-to-revenue
• Eliminate that pesky backlog of trading partner requests


A complete set of APIs to quickly connect applications


• Customize your integration
• Build process flows that fit your business
• Eliminate developing and maintaining from scratch


Up to 4x faster time-to-market with prebuilt integrations


• Kickstart EDI and eCommerce integration projects
• Out-of-the-box integration flows and prebuilt business logic
• Eliminate coding with configurable processes

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