CIC Agent: Go Where No Integration Has Gone Before

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Bring end-to-end integration visibility and real-time insights between on-Premise and cloud application dataflows

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What you need to know about the CIC Agent

Cleo Integration Cloud (CIC) brings the power of hybrid integration to the cloud. Its lightweight CIC Agent bridges the gap between enterprise systems and your cloud ecosystem, empowering seamless control of data flow for key processes like order-to-cash and procure-to-pay.


Want to learn more? Find answers to FAQs about CIC Agent below:

What is the CIC Agent?

CIC Agent is a lightweight and headless extension of the Cleo Integration Cloud platform. CIC Agent enables integration where APIs cannot reach, allowing you to extend control and visibility to on-premise or private cloud infrastructure.  CIC Agent means enhanced end-to-end integration and operational visibility where it may not be possible today. 

What are the benefits of integration with CIC Agent?

CIC Agent allows for orchestration of fully-automated data transfer and transformation to/from traditional business systems, including files servers, databases, SMB, and some custom applications.

  • Support integration where APIs don’t exist and give new life to your traditional business applications
  • Easily instrument integration flows between your external ecosystem of trading partners and applications to the core internal systems that run the business
  • Securely integrate to internal systems with no open inbound ports and SSL connectivity
  • Enable end-to-end visibility of critical supply chain processes and close gaps in operational insight
What are the benefits of CIC Agent in the supply chain?

Whether you are a manufacturer, logistics provider, or wholesale distribution company, CIC Agent allows you to design, build, and operate the critical transactions that flow to internal systems. In this way, you can streamline and automate the integrations that underpin key revenue-driving business processes like order-to-cash, procure-to-pay, and load tender-to-invoice. CIC Agent allows you to optimize margins by streamlining integration with fewer manual touchpoints, reduced error rates, and faster outcomes that optimize customer experience.

How is CIC Agent deployed?

You can get CIC Agent up and running in two simple steps:

1. First is setup. Simply, download the CIC Agent script and establish the token handshake with the target infrastructure. 

2. Second, is to configure CIC Agent. In this step, you can define your infrastructure targets and pathways, remotely schedule operations, and activate the dataflow. 

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