Migrate your iSeries EDI to the cloud with Cleo.


Accelerate ModernizationAccelerate Modernization

Maintain your iSeries footprint and move integration to the cloud

Expand Integration Use CasesExpand Integration Use Cases

Support additional protocols, API based integrations, and new revenue streams

Improve UX and CommunicationImprove UX and Communication

Intuitive dashboards with real-time insights and integration visibility

Migrating to Cleo Integration Cloud improves efficiency, saves time, and enhances control over your B2B integrations
EEI - Green Screen vs CIC
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Leave the green screen behind

Leave the green screen behind

Design, build, and optimize end-to-end EDI transformation processes in a complete integration development environment. 


Robust B2B & EDI Integration

Robust B2B & EDI Integration

Powerful any-to-any transformation paired with industry-leading connectivity for any protocol, including AS2, SFTP, FTP/S and more. 


Low-code user experience

Low-code user experience

Empower teams with a powerful environment to design & build integrations with pre-defined profiles and out-of-the-box templates accelerate integration development.


Hands-on troubleshooting

Hands-on troubleshooting

Rapidly manage exceptions to protect business SLAs and response times.


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Compare EEI to Cleo Integration Cloud
Compare EEI and Cleo Integration Cloud

Questions About Migrating to Cleo Integration Cloud


With Cleo Integration Cloud, you gain a platform that is fit for modern business. Our custom dashboards are designed so you can easily keep track of your trading partner scorecards, handle exceptions and enable real-time operational views. 


Migrate to Cleo Integration Cloud on premise or make use of our managed services to host your EDI translation in the cloud. The choice is yours. 


Utilize Cleo professional services for a hastle free migration or follow our step-by-step handbook to stand up your new solution. 

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