'A Whole New Generation of File Transfer, Data Integration Gateways'

Matt Torman
File transfer and data integration requirements are evolving faster than ever.

Dave Brunswick joined Cleo in July 2015 as vice president of solutions for North America, charged with leading pre-sales and implementing data integration solutions to support all our sales teams in North America. With more than 25 years of experience in technical sales, pre-sales, technology strategy, engineering product management, and product development, Dave has deep expertise in secure data integration technologies. We caught up with Dave after his first six months on the job.

What inspired you to come to Cleo?

Three things – energy, innovation, and people. As I started talking to people at Cleo, I realized that this was a company full of people with a real desire to make things happen. And not just make anything happen, but really make a difference and move technology forward in a way that would have real impact on customers. And this group of smart, committed people seemed to really gel as a team that really get things done.

What are the biggest MFT, data integration, or security concerns you’re hearing from customers and potential customers?

One of the common themes we hear is the increasing quantity of data being transferred – both in the number of transfers and the size of each data transfer. As sizes and volumes increase, a different approach is needed – from the architecture of the solution, through the protocols used, to the landing place of the data. We are increasingly seeing a need for accelerated protocols, elastically scalable architectures, and connections to big-data repositories on the back end. This is driving a whole new generation of file transfer and data integration gateways.

What are you most excited about in the industry? With this company?

As I mentioned above, there is potential for a whole new generation of file transfer and data integration solutions to evolve, and Cleo is ahead of the pack in the thinking and product development activity that will realize this. We’re just scratching the surface of what Cleo can do – and that’s exciting!

What’s coming up in the rest of 2016 for you and your team?

A few years ago, I would have been able to answer that with a detailed plan of how the year would probably pan out, but the speed of change now in the industry and the velocity of Cleo means that there is a pretty good chance that at the end of 2016 things will look significantly different from how we project it today. So, we have to plan for what we think is coming, but also plan flexibility into the team and processes so we can adapt quickly as things change. One thing is for sure: We’re not going to be waiting for the things to come to us. We’re planning to be out there ahead of it.

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