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Matt Torman
Cleo's Integration Technology Just Works for SaaS Supply Chain Management Company

You can hear all the great things about Cleo’s leading integration and managed file transfer technology from us, but we’d prefer you hear them right from our customers.

John Frazier, vice president of cloud services for JDA Software, presented “Multi-Enterprise Data Integration: Massively Scaled and Highly Available” at the December 2014 Gartner Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.

JDA employs the Cleo Harmony enterprise integration technology to move tens of millions of transactions representing billions of dollars in goods ordered, shipped, and invoiced every day, helping to make JDA the standard for the world’s leading retailers, manufacturers, and distributors.

John is charged with the design, development, deployment, and continuous improvement of this top SaaS supply chain company. Hear from John the 10 best practices that JDA has implemented to serve its customers in some of the most demanding production operations and how Cleo helped achieve that.

In his presentation, John says, “We make our customers better,” and complete satisfaction for the 3,200+ active JDA customers is non-negotiable. He goes into specific detail on what satisfaction actually means to JDA’s clients and how the Cleo Harmony solution facilitates that satisfaction:

“We don’t want to be a black hole”: JDA gives its customers complete visibility throughout the supply chain.

“For our customers, security is often a sticking point”: Avoiding solutions that store any sort of data (encrypted or otherwise) in the DMZ is crucial.

“At the end of the day, you’ll need to support a lot of protocols”: When a customer asks, be the company that says yes. Always.

“We’ve gone through this entire holiday season with 100% uptime”: The Cleo platform just delivered during the busiest time of year.

Learn more about how Cleo’s secure integration and managed file transfer solutions enable companies in all types of industries to securely move mission-critical information, better serve their customers, and grow their operations.

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