How a NetSuite App Connector Streamlines Your Workflows

Cleo NetSuite Application Connector

Ecosystem integration involves connecting a company's customers and partners to its back-end systems and applications for mission-critical use cases, such as order to cash. For example, accepting purchase orders and sending out advance shipping notices and Invoices for the products shipped to customers.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software can be very expensive. Companies that invest in an ERP do so because of the importance of tracking and managing important functions within a customer relationship. Whether an organization is trying to find better ways to handle purchasing or their inventory, an ERP solution such as NetSuite can be very effective. But, while NetSuite itself offers a lot of features, if it is unable to integrate with your critical business processes, than you will certainly not be getting all the functionality that you need.

Integrating NetSuite with your environment is crucial to automate order-to-cash business processes and ensure that you are getting the most out of your ERP solution. When integrated successfully, NetSuite will streamline how you fulfill customer demand because it is communicating directly with your other e-commerce and CRM applications.

The best way to do this is through a smart connector that connects NetSuite with the rest of your business processes. Here's how you can take advantage.


What is NetSuite?

NetSuite is a leading CRM and ERP platform that helps to manage financials, operations, and customer relations for businesses of all sizes. The Cleo Integration Cloud connects NetSuite to your other business and cloud applications to keep data aligned between front-end and back-end systems.

The NetSuite ERP provides scalability, flexibility, and a flexible pricing model that many enterprises use for important tasks, such as order management, inventory management, and accounting.



How NetSuite Works

A company's internal ERP solution works as its backbone to ensure the data flowing in and out of the ERP is accurate. Whether it's your trading partners or customers, you must be able to communicate with the members of your digital ecosystem. NetSuite is often considered the first cloud-based ERP, but it can be deployed on-premises as well.

Who Uses NetSuite?

NetSuite is one of the most popular ERPs and is used by many different companies across multiple industries. Some of these companies include The Boston Globe, Commvault, DocuSign, Kronos, Land O'Lakes, and Williams-Sonoma.

What is a NetSuite Application Connector?

Cleo's NetSuite integration connector connects to the NetSuite API to pull data from the NetSuite database. From there, users have plenty of options.

For instance, they can create recurring business processes that are templatized, including procure to pay and order to cash, adding more integrations with NetSuite. Users can also automate any potential status change notifications, and initiate integration and other responses. The connector allows you to have the flexibility and agility you need to get things done the way that most benefits your company's bottom line.

Why Use a NetSuite Connector?

So, what exactly can and will a NetSuite Connector do for your enterprise? Through Cleo, a NetSuite connector provides harmonious integration into your ERP application. Additionally, the NetSuite connector also:

  • Eliminates manual integration processes
  • Reduces custom coding to leverage APIs
  • Verify and transforms your data
  • Automates order-to-cash business flows to and from NetSuite
  • Syncs business process data to your NetSuite ERP

It's no secret that the EDI and B2B data exchange process can be complex, to say the least. The NetSuite connector will support those very difficult processes that many other ERPs are unable to. By combining the NetSuite API power with B2B integration technology, enterprises gain a sizeable integrated business solution. Additionally, a NetSuite connector powers your B2B processor and eliminates the need to manually handle any orders that arrive from customers using EDI.

Data transformation tools also allow you to connect application-to-application, such as ERP-CRM, for instance NetSuite to Salesforce, or ERP to e-commerce integration, such as Netsuite to Magento.NetSuite Application Connector by Cleo

Benefits of NetSuite Integration

When a business uses a NetSuite integration connector from Cleo, there are many ways enterprises can stand to benefit. Those include:

  • Intuitively integrates into NetSuite
  • Strengthens and quickens the order-to-cash business processes while reducing mistakes and improving data reliability
  • Integrates EDI to ERP seamlessly while automating inbound and outbound business processes
  • Syncs data between on-premise and cloud applications
  • Automates orders and invoice processes based upon your predefined business rules

Integrate NetSuite Today

Because you are making such an expensive investment into your business ERP system, you also need to make sure that investment is going to be working for you well into the future. But in order to have that clarity, you must integrate your NetSuite order processes into the rest of your environment and business processes in order to gain that true visibility and agility that your business requires.

Cleo Integration Cloud features the NetSuite connector that automates all of those processes for you and include full transparency into all of your data throughout your digital ecosystem. Integrate your ERP, CRM, and EDI while making sure that you are securing data handoff to other important business applications for storage and analysis.

This allows you to keep all of your financial information and data up-to-date, make smarter and quicker business decisions that really matter, gain more visibility into your data than ever before, and take a proactive approach to any potential errors that may arise.

Let Cleo help optimize the integration of your critical SaaS, on-premise, and B2B applications and ensure the data flows powering your business do just that.

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