Blog: A Must for Any MFT Solution: Easy File Tracking

Tracking your business transactions should be as easy as tracking packages online

We’re nearing the end of the holiday shopping season, which begs a glaring question: How long before those last holiday gifts arrive? You know, the ones you ordered online yesterday or the day before? Today’s technology allows us as consumers to track step by step orders on the delivery route at any given time.

Knowing this information helps us make better decisions. For instance: You or another designated gift wrapper can schedule time to wrap the items based on their estimated time of arrival. Perhaps you can time it right to show up shortly after those Valentine’s Day flowers are being delivered to your significant other’s door.

So why can’t you track your organization’s “deliveries” in a similar manner? Well, you can.

Cleo’s secure managed file transfer solutions feature such functionality, with files triggering checkpoints along the way to log its route, pace, and handlers.

Augmenting IT infrastructure with automated file tracking affords organizations a number of game-changing advantages:

  • View in real time the data moving through your systems and who’s managing these transactions.
  • Improve responsiveness and enable improved decision-making.
  • Stay on top of system performance and partner metrics.
  • Quickly access the comprehensive file transfer logs.
  • Separate dashboard displays based on whether the user is an IT or business team member.
  • Receive alerts as critical files move through the system.
  • Set a non-event alert. For example: Your delivery tracking says it’s on the truck and set to be delivered today. Get notified when a file’s expected delivery time comes and goes with no file delivered.
  • Pinpoint communication problems with trading partners to improve operations and better meet service-level agreements.

The time has passed for modern enterprises trying to blindly manage mission-critical transactions and out of sight of centralized control. It’s time to track the comings and goings of all of your business communications with ease, just as it’s easy to log in and find out whether tens of millions of online shipments will arrive in time for the holidays.

If your business doesn’t have an easy-to-use visibility solution for your data activity, it’s time to contact Cleo.

about cleo
About Cleo
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