Cleo CEO Featured on The Digital Supply Chain Podcast

Increasing supply chain visibility with integration - a chat with Cleo CEO Mahesh Rajasekharan

The Digital Supply Chain Podcast is the number one podcast focusing on the digitization of supply chain. Hosted by global vice president of SAP Tom Raftery, the podcast has a listener-base of supply chain professionals from all over the globe.

On its April 12, 2021 program, Cleo CEO Mahesh Rajasekharan was a guest on the program. Listen to the episode to learn how Cleo’s ecosystem integration platform is helping companies capitalize on the current explosion in eCommerce sales and omnichannel fulfillment to drive rapid growth through hyper-scalability.

Mahesh also explains how Cleo’s recently introduced “Essentials” package can help emerging or established businesses capitalize on today’s eCommerce explosion by automating their EDI or API-based business processes.

This is a great podcast for any companies whose digital ecosystems are rapidly expanding and seeing more complexity, more participants, more connections and more volume. To access other episodes, visit the podcast website.

Tom Raftery        Mahesh Rajasekharan