Blog: 5 Emerging Technologies for Successful Technology Transformation

5 Emerging Technologies for Successful Technology Transformation

When a company sets out to implement a digital transformation plan, it does so to improve one aspect or another of performance within its organization. Emerging technologies allow companies to more efficiently upgrade their entire infrastructure and environment, and make the needed changes to network architecture, hardware, software, and more.

By undergoing a technology transformation, companies are able to improve working relationships with customers and partners, increase their workflow efficiency, and lower operational costs for their business. A strategic technology transformation, when done well, can drive expanded value for organizations across industries.

Importance of Technology Transformation

Technology transformation is important to enterprises because it allows them to take advantage of newer technologies to improve the ways they can compete in their markets and serve their customers. With all the service options a customer has nowadays, the relationship a vendor has with its customers has never been more critical. Businesses must be agile and flexible to meet their evolving demands, and the onus is on these businesses to support those needs and streamline efficiency.

Additionally, a technology transformation strategy helps employees become more efficient and thus, engaged. With updated systems, applications, and solutions, it’s easier to communicate with customers, partners, and coworkers, and it leads to better collaboration as well, helping them succeed in driving important business initiatives.

There are many ways that a company benefits by instituting a technology transformation plan, some of which are short-term wins, while others become more obvious down the line. The four key pillars of change a technology transformation strategy can bring include:

  • Customer Experience

No matter the shiny new technology you might have, at the end of the day, what matters the most is the experience you deliver your customers. Your customers have more options than they’ve ever had before, so it’s vital to provide them with the type of service that they not only deserve but expect. When an enterprise makes a commitment to a technology transformation, they are ensuring their customers will continue to have the very best.

  • Digitizing Products

Companies that digitize their products do so to give themselves a competitive advantage by creating a digital representation of physical objects. Digitization allows companies to convert something non-digital into a digital representation, to be used for various use cases. Digitization builds a foundation to leverage data more sufficiently.

  • Employee Engagement

Before undergoing a technology transformation project, companies must recognize the level of employee engagement with your current environment and business processes. New technologies accelerate employee engagement over time by changing the mindset to establish a culture that embraces new technologies.

  • Optimizing Solutions

The benefits of a technology transformation are far-reaching, as companies can proactively optimize technology to provide better service and gain more value. Companies can more clearly assess their existing technology and identify the true value that they need from a technology transformation project. By understanding that value, accomplishing your business goals grows much more attainable.

Five Technologies for Successful Transformation

Enterprises that want to move into the digital future are doing so with tools that capitalize on cloud computing and integration technology. These cloud services provide value that plays an integral role in an enterprise’s environment.

  • Slack

If you are working in a modern enterprise, odds are likely that you are using   some form of social collaboration tool, and the odds are even higher that tool is Slack. Slack has gained momentum in recent years within the workplace as a way to streamline communication, especially for those companies with employees in locations scattered across the world.

  • NetSuite

NetSuite is a complete and scalable cloud solution that automates business processes within an enterprise ranging from financial management to billing and inventory management. NetSuite offers one single integrated system to support all a customer’s business management processes.

  • HubSpot

HubSpot was designed to track and organize a sales lead through its platform. HubSpot allows its users to store a customer’s information that is divided up into three main categories – contacts, companies, and deals. The portal is a hybrid between marketing and CRM that makes it simple to go back and forth between the two functions.

  • Asana

 Asana is a cloud-based service that allows employees within a company’s workspace to organize and track communication on projects more efficiently. Within Asana, employees can view a project’s workflow and goals, and collaborate with one another to maintain a timeline and stay on progress.

  • Cleo Integration Cloud

Cleo Integration Cloud speeds the time to value by reducing the effort it takes enterprises to build and maintain data mapping and file transfers by automating the underlying integration processes. Additionally, it increases your ROI because it eliminates custom-coding and much of the manual processes that cause delays, which expedites the time it to integrate applications with other B2B and EDI integration workflows.

Download “The Common-Sense Guide to IT Modernization” to learn more about how to transform your business operations through IT modernization and how an ecosystem-driven integration platform supports that technology transformation through enterprise agility and helps protect against organizational disruption.

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