Cleo Receives Strategic Growth Investment from H.I.G. Capital

Cleo and HIG Capital Investment

Cleo’s mission has always been to redefine B2B integration in the cloud and make the world a better place for our customers, partners and employees, indeed society at large. 

Over the past decade we’ve been hyper-vigilant about doing precisely this, always with our customers’ needs in mind. We’ve been building a company with great talent, relentlessly fine-tuning our operations, and pushing the edge on innovation to create Cleo Integration Cloud, a modern ecosystem integration platform now deployed at over 4,000 businesses around the world.  

Today the capital markets have rewarded our efforts.  I’m excited to share that our past hard work and future potential have both been recognized as we welcome H.I.G. Capital, a leading global alternative investment firm with $44 billion of equity capital under management, as a strategic growth investor in Cleo. 

This is great news for all of our current and prospective stakeholders.  It not only validates Cleo’s de facto leadership of the $5.5 billion ecosystem integration software category, it undeniably accelerates the already proliferating adoption of B2B cloud integration technology that’s happening due to the unprecedented pace of eCommerce-driven digital transformation.  

H.I.G. Capital clearly recognizes that Cleo is well positioned for future growth and has the feature-rich platform companies need to meet today’s ecosystem integration challenges. Only Cleo Integration Cloud provides both API and EDI integration on a single platform, enabling complete end-to-end business process visibility and direct control, with your choice or self-service, managed service or blended deployment.

Without question, companies’ supply chains have been severely tested the past 12-18 months. Now more than ever, manufacturers, wholesale distributors, logistics firms, retailers and others need a modern integration approach that helps their supply chains become more agile and resilient, with greater visibility and control -- precisely the benefits Cleo’s platform delivers. 

We are thrilled to partner with the H.I.G. Capital team as we continue to accelerate Cleo’s phenomenal growth trajectory. Yet as excited as we are, there’s much work ahead. As our corporate tagline says, “Cleo … never stops.” And there’s really no stopping us now.  This new relationship with H.I.G. will help Cleo innovate faster and deliver more value to our customers and the industries we serve.  But above all, it underscores the market's confidence in the rapidly growing ecosystem integration software category that Cleo created – and that’s good for everyone. 

Big day for Cleo, even brighter days ahead!  I invite you to join the conversation with your comments and thoughts.  

about cleo
About Cleo
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