Emerge at Cleo Connect 2020

Emerge at Cleo Connect 2020

What does it mean to emerge?

By definition it can mean to “to rise and become prominent or known.”  What a powerful statement.

For business enterprises this could mean becoming more competitive by leveraging integration technology to move past your reliance on legacy processes. Or, it can mean your enterprise is discovering new ways to leverage integration agility to better serve the members of your digital ecosystem.

One thing is for sure: Companies who invest in modern integration will not only survive 2020, but they will emerge better, stronger, and more profitable.  

And that’s why the theme to this year’s Cleo Connect conference is Emerge.

As businesses across multiple industries, from manufacturing, logistics, retail, wholesale, and others all struggle to keep up with customer demand while COVID-19 wreaks havoc on supply chains everywhere, we know how tough the current climate is.

Because of that, we are making Cleo Connect 2020 absolutely freeyes, free!

Not only is Cleo Connect 2020 absolutely free to attend, but it will also be a virtual event, from the comfort of your own home.

Just some of the highlights that attendees are looking forward to include:

Content and Sessions for Every Role

Whether you’re a top executive, business unit leader, an integration developer or technical IT staffer, we’ve got you covered. Mix-and-match sessions from four different tracks all to build a truly customized experience.

Training Sessions

We heard your feedback, and by popular demand, this year we are including a conference track specifically dedicated to deep dives into integration-specific topics.

Networking Opportunities

Despite the fact that we won’t be together in person, we are going to network virtually through our event platform.

Only One Day!

As great as it has been for us to join together in person in the past, the current climate means that is just not possible. However, this also means you only need to block one day on your calendar to take advantage of everything Cleo Connect 2020 has to offer. Plus, by registering, you will get on-demand access post-event!

100% Free

During this unusual time, we want all of our attendees – current customers and prospects alike --  to be able to learn and grow with us, without a financial commitment. So, this one is on us!

We know how tough times are right now, so that’s why we are striving to make Cleo Connect 2020 the most memorable one yet. We are planning several major product announcements for the day of the event, and those attending will be the first to learn the latest updates to the  Cleo Integration Cloud platform.

Ready to Emerge?  Register for Cleo Connect 2020 today

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