How Persimmon Group and Cleo Create ‘Customer-Driven’ Ecosystems

Cleo and The Persimmon Group

The demand to modernize B2B has created immediate opportunities for mutual growth in many key vertical industries. But what’s surprising is that many companies, regardless of their industry, have yet to even map out an IT modernization strategy.

That’s unfortunate, because IT modernization isn’t simply about utilizing the latest, shiny new toy. It’s about evolving your business in order to better serve the members of your digital ecosystem. From omni-channel approaches due to the ‘Amazon Effect’ to legacy solutions, there are many obstacles that stand in the way of success.

Thankfully, Persimmon Group is around to make those difficult to navigate processes much smoother.

Persimmon Group, a systems integration services partner with Cleo, has started an initiative that expands its longstanding global partnership and capitalizes on the market’s increasing enthusiasm and appetite for ecosystem integration.

This partnership is designed to create ‘customer-specific ecosystems’ – an innovative approach to IT modernization that optimizes those critical end-to-end business processes that span across a company’s supply chain. Whether it’s manufacturing, end-consumer delivery, or order fulfillment and billing, Persimmon helps its customers move information, expedite onboarding, and increase the amount of B2B transactions through greater control and agility.

Cleo Integration Cloud is an ecosystem integration solution, which delivers data movement, data transformation, EDI, and application integration capabilities -- all via a single platform.  Persimmon’s supply chain expertise, combined with Cleo’s robust platform, allows for customized development of both EDI and API solutions that fit individual customer requirements and that can be delivered quickly, no matter what IT environment the customer is using.

“At Persimmon, we believe each customer has their own unique ecosystem. Yet we’re finding that many of our clients are struggling with B2B/EDI modernization efforts, especially when it comes to leveraging advanced integration techniques like web services, APIs, cloud, or hybrid environments,” said Charles Abbott, CEO, Persimmon.

Persimmon has leveraged the Cleo Integration Cloud platform’s EDI modernization capabilities to help The Apparel Group (TAG), a joint customer based in Lewisville, Texas, improve logistics and distribution for men’s and women’s apparel by developing real-time interfaces to existing ERP and warehouse management systems (WMS), as well to multiple order fulfillment sites.

“The combination of Cleo Integration Cloud products and Persimmon Services allows The Apparel Group to gain a competitive advantage with our customers as we handle the wide variety of integration needs that our customers present,” said Steven Chen, director of information technologies with TAG.

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