Newest Version of Cleo Integration Cloud Platform Puts Focus on User Experiences

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When it comes to creating strong relationships with all the members of your digital ecosystem, user experience matters.  And it’s up to you to deliver reliable, accurate, and timely data – inside and outside your company.

The question, though, is how?

How do I bring real-time operational insights to my customers?

How do I help my customers enhance their business-critical workflows?

How do I accelerate time-to-value through automation?

How do I gain a global view of all revenue-generating transactions in a consolidated dashboard?

The answer is through a single-platform ecosystem integration solution specifically designed to meet all of your needs, no matter what industry you might be in. To understand why, let’s start by discussing the differences between an inside-out and outside-in approach to integration, and why only one is a recipe for success.

The Folly of the Inside-Out Approach

When most companies look at different integration models and strategies, they tend to view them through the scope of an ‘inside-out’ approach. The issue with an inside-out approach, however, is that it is fundamentally limited in today’s evolving ecosystem-driven world. Companies that are stuck in their ways about how ‘business is done’ are mistakenly focusing on their company in isolation, looking just at their internal applications and data, in an attempt to connect them and then extend outside.

This approach is tremendously siloed in nature, and limits an enterprise’s ability to make timely business decisions informed by what’s really happening across their digital ecosystems. However – there is another way.

The Promise of the Outside-In Approach

So, if an inside-out approach is flawed, what makes an outside-in approach so valuable?

Answer: the ability to visualize what’s really happening at the edges of your end-to-end business processes like order-to-cash or plan-to-produce, so you can, quite literally, follow the money flow and use business value objectives to drive your integration strategy.

Companies that are able to connect and integrate their applications and data in order to optimize end-to-end business processes are the ones that are going to succeed both in the short and long term.  Why? Because delivering seamless  ecosystem experiences is  critical for unified commerce and trading partner relationships.

Now that you can spot the differences between both approaches, and why the outside-in model is so much more strategic and valuable, let’s take a look at the single centralized platform that can do all of these tasks for your enterprise and more.

Building Out E-Commerce Innovations

Cleo Integration Cloud is an ecosystem integration solution that is available both in public and private cloud deployments. The platform enables companies to connect, transform, integrate, orchestrate, and analyze end-to-end business processes, including order-to-cash and procure-to-pay across internal and external ecosystems of applications, systems, marketplaces, and trading partners.

This week, Cleo announced general availability of the latest Cleo Integration Cloud platform to build out e-commerce innovations further than ever before. Companies need a seamless experience for both internal user personas as well as their external trading partners when delivering end-to-end transactions. The rich capabilities in Cleo’s newest platform release provide added visibility through real-time operational insights and “smart” integration functionality that helps enterprises accelerate the creation of their business-critical workflows in order to meet the constantly evolving demands and expectations of their customers.

The Cleo Integration Cloud platform was engineered to solve the emerging business data requirements through modernized, simplified integration solutions. See a demo of the world’s first ecosystem integration platform today.

To experience how Cleo Integration Cloud can help your business, request a demo today.

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