Blog: 3 Reasons to Visit Cleo at Gartner’s Application Summit in Las Vegas

3 Reasons to Visit Cleo at Gartner’s Application Summit in Las Vegas

Cleo is sponsoring and exhibiting at this week’s Gartner Application Strategies & Solutions Summit at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Applications are an increasingly critical component of enterprise evolution in the era of the cloud and digital transformation, and the event, which runs Nov. 27-29, provides a valuable networking forum for businesses looking to elevate their application strategies, embrace and master emerging technologies, and enable effective business outcomes.

Cleo delivers trusted application integration technology and strategies at a critical time for businesses. That’s because the costs related to poor integration are felt in a variety of ways across the enterprise. Cleo recently conducted a market survey on the state of business integration and IT modernization to better assess the impact of such integration challenges. Here are a few key findings:

  • 44% of companies say their biggest integration challenge is modernizing existing IT systems and applications
  • 61% estimate at least $250,000 in lost revenue every year due to poor integrations
  • 47% say slow partner onboarding or difficulty integrating new applications actively prevents them from securing new revenue opportunities

There’s clearly a growing need for advanced integration technology to drive enterprises’ important digital transformation initiatives, and addressing integration challenges sooner than later enables businesses to improve, streamline, and automate their end-to-end data flows driving business revenue.

So, here are three reasons why, even if you don’t have a current modernization project, you should spend some time with Cleo this week at the Gartner application summit:

1. Because 60% of Organizations Are Unable to Meet Customers’ Digital Demands

As companies work to modernize their IT systems, they are faced with the reality that modern applications are wholly or partially delivered and consumed using the public cloud and related cloud technologies. Traditional approaches to IT modernization to meet those challenges, however, too often favor pure-play application integration and application development capabilities, deprioritizing B2B demands and putting your critical trading partner relationships at risk.

2. Because You Can Learn from Those Who’ve Taken the Modernization Plunge

Three Cleo customers will tell their applicational and digital transformation stories during “Best Practices for IT Systems Modernization for the Era of the Cloud,” which is at 3:30 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 27, in The Emperors Ballroom. It’s a great chance to discover how leading companies are better able to adapt when they have the modern ecosystem-driven cloud integration functionality to plan for change, accommodate digital disruption, and “see around corners.”

3. Because You Can Demo the World’s Leading Cloud Integration Platform

The world’s most successful organizations get to where they are today by building trusted relationships across their partner ecosystem, and thousands do that using Cleo Integration Cloud. It’s built as one complete solution with the automated tools and intuitive controls your teams require to easily connect, integrate, and analyze every end-to-end data flow between your ecosystem of customers, partners, suppliers, or external applications and your internal business systems and processes. And you get to see all the great things Cleo Integration Cloud has to offer in live action at Cleo Booth 317.

So, stop by Booth 317 this week to get some great swag (there are lots of great stocking stuffers!), but also to learn more about Cleo Integration Cloud and its out-of-the-box integration connectors for your critical business applications.

See you soon!

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