Cleo Honors Three Companies at Cleo Connect for Innovation and Vision

Evolve at Cleo Connect 2019

Companies that are able to advance their business objectives through cloud integration technology have seen more progress than they could have ever imagined. Whether it’s onboarding trading partners quicker, connecting, integrating, or analyzing an ecosystem, businesses are taking advantage.

Last week, at Cleo Connect 2019 in Orlando, Cleo recognized three companies for their outstanding achievement in utilizing Cleo Integration Cloud. These different organizations set the standard for achieving great progress within their respective industries.

The companies each won an award in a different category. Those categories are:

Innovation Award

This award goes to the company that has leveraged Cleo Integration Cloud in the most unique and creative of ways in order to advance their business. This year’s winner was a major insurance firm based in the Northeast United States.

Visionary Award

This award is given to the Cleo customer who best exhibits an applied understanding of Cleo Integration Cloud, while contributing to Cleo’s future platform roadmap, while continue to be a great business partner for Cleo to work with. This year the award was won by Octapharma, one of the world’s largest human protein fractionators, that develops and manufactures both recombinant and human cell line therapies.

Cloud Customer of the Year

The cloud customer of the year is awarded to the organization with the best deployment of Cleo in the cloud. This company not only uses Cleo Integration Cloud effectively, but has a use case that both helps their company reach its full potential while challenging Cleo to continue to improve its platform through innovation. Reddy Ice, the largest manufacturer and distributor of packaged ice products in the United States, took home the award.

“We applaud all of this year’s Cleo Award winners, and we are honored by how they are pushing the edges of integration technology by advancing their strategic business objectives using the Cleo Integration Cloud platform,” said Mahesh Rajasekharan, president and CEO, Cleo.

“The entire global Cleo organization stands behind every one of the 8,000+ customers we serve, and we’re endlessly amazed by how companies using our ecosystem integration software and services platform are continually advancing their respective businesses in new, strategic, and innovative ways.”

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