Modernize Your EDI and B2B Integration Processes

Today’s digital business transformation initiatives are pushing more organizations to modernize their EDI solutions. Progressing from a legacy system to a more modern, up-to-date process, however, is no easy task given how ingrained EDI and other B2B technologies can become over the years.

EDI modernization extends B2B integration and automation capabilities beyond traditional EDI to support emerging business requirements. But it’s also more than just new capabilities. Given the skills required to implement and maintain EDI solutions, the “modernization” of EDI more and more means offloading your EDI processes altogether.

Finding and keeping people with integration skills is challenging, and the resources who’ve managed the older, homegrown EDI systems for so long might be retiring or moving on, leaving companies without the talent to manage these revenue-generating workflows. Organizations are increasingly looking for technology vendors to manage their EDI data flows so they can focus on their core business initiatives.

Check out this Cleo white paper on EDI modernization to learn about modern EDI capabilities and when a managed-service or fully-outsourced EDI solution could make sense for your business.

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