What Every SaaS Company Should Know About Integrating with Its Customers

Data transfer to and from customers is a key part to providing a SaaS service, and as a SaaS provider’s customer base grows, so does demand for different protocols and connectors.

Providing the range of options for connectivity with either home-grown or open source software, or commercial MFT and B2B gateways, has a range of problems that will distract the SaaS provider from its core business. Without the right integration tools, IT teams at SaaS companies would have to continue to build out and maintain home-spun solutions, or force-fit a commercial solution that isn’t truly cloud ready.

An elastic, scalable, and API-enabled platform supporting all governed multi-enterprise, collaboration, and cloud integration usage patterns powers the modern SaaS organization, and Cleo provides the tools that embed in your platform to enable this secure exchange of data with your customers – no matter what format, protocol, and data size you need to accommodate.

Learn how the world’s leading SaaS solutions use Cleo’s embedded integration technology to streamline their data flows and provide true business value to their customers.

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