10 Reasons Why Business Success Depends on EDI Process Modernization

The next generation of business growth will be driven by successful ecosystem integration powered by modern EDI approaches

Today’s EDI processes support high-value, revenue-generating business outcomes because they enable the B2B data exchange required to sell goods and services, fulfill and deliver those orders, and ultimately get paid. It’s a wonder, then, why so many organizations still rely on outdated EDI toolkits and homegrown solutions for such valuable business processes.

But what would happen if those EDI-based transactions stopped happening? How would that affect your business?

The ability to communicate and exchange data with your business ecosystem is critical, and your EDI technology can either reliably execute those processes to support business growth, or it can be a hurdle that must routinely be overcome.

So, ask yourself:

  • Can your EDI technology scale to quickly bring on new customers and trading partners?

  • Do you have full visibility into data flows happening across your IT environment?

  • Can your ERP seamlessly integrate with your EDI system and workflows for end-to-end processing?

  • Can you support non-EDI workflows (i.e., spreadsheets, flat files and text files coming in via email)?

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