The Common-Sense Guide to IT Systems Modernisation

Did you know 60% of organisations say they’re unable to meet customers’ digital demands? And that 75% of business ERP projects fail?

In the age of the cloud and digital transformation, companies are aggressively trying to modernise their IT infrastructure and transform into digital organisations to keep up with the speed of business today. But too many are finding that without the right technology, an IT modernisation plan is a difficult road that’s peppered with potholes, roadblocks, and ultimately, dead ends.

And that’s the paradox. Even though businesses know they must modernise to support new solutions, and even though they fully understand that doing so is critical to moving the business forward, they don’t have the modern integration capabilities required to do so.

But how do you know you have right integration platform (and capabilities) to modernise your IT infrastructure? You’ll know because your business will be more agile, better able to compete, and better positioned to bring on new revenue, all of which you’ll gain when your business can:

  • Quickly integrate with new ERP, WMS, and TMS applications, whether on-premise or in the cloud

  • Smoothly migrate a legacy EDI system into a modern B2B and cloud integration platform that supports APIs, DevOps, and other agile requirements

  • Deliver visibility to all business and IT stakeholders to support data-driven decision making and enhanced business outcomes

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