ANSI X12 Version 4050 Transaction Set Listing

What makes ANSI X12 important?

With more than 320 transaction standards in the complete 4050 transaction set listing, the ANSI X12 standard is used as main form of EDI communication by hundreds of thousands of organizations around the globe to conduct business daily.

What is ANSI X12?

Chartered by the Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) in 1979, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) develops and maintains the X12 electronic communications standard to govern the use of EDI to exchange information between businesses.

Today, the ANSI X12 is a staple B2B standard used by businesses in every industry to streamline and facilitate high frequency electronic business processes through electronic data interchange (EDI).

What is a transaction set?

A single EDI transaction standard in the full set list represents a group of data segments exchanged in an EDI transaction to convey process meaning between businesses. The specific meaning of the individual EDI standard is defined by the transaction set.

Each transaction standard consists of two components:

Transaction Set Header (ST)

Transaction Set Trailer (SE)

The ANSI X12 Version 4050 Transaction Set List includes EDI transactions defined for use in the communications,  finance, government, healthcare, logistics and supply chain, and transportation industries.

Several of most common X12 transactions sending and receiving of common daily business processes and EDI document transactions including:

  • Invoice

  • Purchase Order

  • Payment Order/Remittance Advice

  • Health Care Claim

  • Advance Shipping Notice

  • Warehouse Shipping Order

  • Functional Acknowledgement

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