How to Improve Application and Trading Partner Onboarding

Business growth depends on the ability and agility to accommodate changing ecosystem dynamics, and that entails signing new partners and deploying new applications to keep up. But slow ecosystem onboarding processes will hinder the pace of that growth.

So, what does it take to do better onboarding? In short, it takes intelligent automation.

When businesses can automate the tedious, often manual onboarding tasks – configuring partner profiles, building new maps, coding and testing new app integrations, etc. – they reduce the heavy lifting and drastically expedite the process. That means they can more quickly add new partners and applications and deploy products and services with ease.

Sounds great, right? But considering the sheer number of technologies, formats, and protocols a business must support to onboard each customer, supplier, and partner, it’s nearly impossible to automate all that efficiently. That’s why it takes technology, and more specifically, integration technology.

Advanced integration solutions simplify trading partner onboarding and the IT application onboarding process because they provide all the capabilities you need to eliminate the manual intervention, including:

  • Support for multiple secure protocols

  • Reusable project templates

  • Pre-built application connectors

  • Comprehensive visibility tools

Download “How to Rapidly Onboard Ecosystem Partners and Applications” today to discover how integration technology enables businesses to support any data requirement and eliminates the trading partner onboarding and IT application onboarding complexities that often hold their growth hostage.

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