Cleo moves business data in the most efficient way possible. Any file size, any data type, to pretty much any destination. And we do it faster and more reliably than any other company out there. That’s because we’ve been doing it longer. Cleo’s passion for connectivity started 40 years ago. In recent times, we have continuously re-invested in the depth and breadth of Cleo integration technology that presently moves more than a quarter-trillion dollars in business transactions every day. Not only that, Cleo continuously reinvests in its team members and supporting processes to cultivate the very best of professional excellence and passionate integration innovation.

The results are clear: Cleo has delivered and grown five-fold in the past five years.

“The Cleo solutions delivered the security and reliability necessary to successfully support a global supply chain management operation. Cleo’s single-platform technology enables JDA and its dynamic customer base to manage their supply chain services now and into the future.”
John Frazier, vice president of cloud services, JDA
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That passion and professionalism continues in today’s hyper-digital business ecosystem as the Cleo Integration Suite, our innovative secure integration platform that connects internal and external partner communities, cloud, and big data, ensuring critical data gets to the right place, at the right time, every time, and in the proper format.

Companies today often run sprawling, complex infrastructures in which disparate systems have been pieced together to address various evolving business needs over time. The integration infrastructure that holds this infrastructure together is often fragmented in its assembly, having also evolved over a period of time and resulting in an unwieldy variety of tools and interfaces required to operate the business. But Cleo anticipated this problem years ago and built a robust single-platform solution on which to run all of your varied information integration use cases.

The Cleo Integration Suite provides one user interface to manage all of your internal and external file transfers, a must-have for organizations looking to advance beyond the highly manual data fetches for their auditing and reporting. The Cleo Integration Suite includes leading software solutions for:



AS2, FTP, and 18 more

Network Fax


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Big Data

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Cleo Integration Suite

Make your business more agile with the Cleo Integration Suite (CIS). It has all the power to connect and integrate your complex B2B, applications, cloud, and big data. Yet, it’s incredibly easy to implement and use. You can more efficiently deploy and manage integration from a single platform that spans all of your modern integration use cases while consolidating and streamlining all of your existing data connectivity and movement.

Cleo has pioneered easy integration with thousands of deployments across the globe. Lower your integration TCO with one versatile platform from which to quickly and easily add new connections and scale up. Whether you require a single new connection today or tens of thousands with terabytes of data moving each day, Cleo’s flexible deployment options are architected for incredibly easy implementation and upscaling.

B2B Integration

Cleo makes B2B integration easier for companies to connect and govern data exchanges between your internal systems, suppliers, customers, and partners.

Whether you are planning to replace an aging legacy system, meet a new customer requirements, or bring integration control in-house, the Cleo Integration Suite provides easy-to-use tools that help you rapidly deploy secure and reliable B2B connections, accelerate data transformation, streamline routing and workflow, and quickly access real-time dashboards and transaction alerts.

Learn how Cleo can simplify your B2B integration

Cloud Integration

Cleo enables companies to easily and securely exchange data between and among cloud applications and on-premise applications within hours, not days.

Companies using cloud solutions to improve collaboration and control costs can lever the Cleo Integration Suite to connect and control all business data moving to, from, and within the cloud with advanced security and transaction visibility. Whether you are looking for a hybrid on-premise to cloud integration, or cloud-to-cloud integration solution, Cleo’s scalable integration platform reliably allows you to quickly implement secure connections without modifying your existing IT architecture.

Learn how Cleo can simplify your cloud integration

Application Integration

Through a scalable, easy-to-use integration platform, Cleo enables companies to centralize and accelerate the secure exchange of data moving across any internal and external customer or partner application regardless of the data formats, databases, and communication protocols required.

With more business and IT applications contributing to complex data workflows, the Cleo Integration Suite rapidly migrates data from any data source into newly onboarded applications 50% faster than traditional methods, without disrupting business processes, or compromising data security. Incredibly easy deployment, common platform architecture, and smart data mapping capabilities all contribute to the industries best integration solution TCO. And, we’re constantly making it even better.

Learn how Cleo can simplify your application integration

Big Data

With Cleo, companies can quickly and securely move massive amounts of data from internal, customer, or partner systems and ingest it into Hadoop and other big data repositories for analysis.

As companies add more systems and applications to support business objectives, these new sources are contributing vast amounts of data into complex information workflows. The Cleo Integration Suite makes it easier to manage, track, secure, and govern the movement of data in any format and size by centralizing all B2B, application, and cloud integrations, and orchestrating rapid and secure ingestion into your data lakes to enable business intelligence and unlock the value of your big data projects.

Learn how Cleo can simplify your big data integration

Why It’s Important (And it is!)

The best part: Any industry, from specialty local grocers to high-tech global SaaS companies to healthcare organizations, can leverage Cleo technology to integrate all of their critical information infrastructure. Critical information exchange happens across verticals, and our solutions are designed to scalably meet the most demanding production business requirements.

The highly available solutions within the Cleo Integration Suite run tirelessly in the background so you and your IT teams don’t have to. But what does it all mean for your organization? A lot.

Before the digital boom, there were only a few systems and applications businesses used for daily workflows. Organizations hardly relied on digital connectivity for information exchange – that was what registered mail, physical document delivery, and the fax machine were for. When businesses initially jumped on the digital bandwagon, a business could spin up an FTP server, configure a few connections, and be up and running pretty quickly.

But with today’s heavy reliance on e-commerce and up-to-the-second information flows, it’s a digital jungle out there. Companies do business with other companies all over the world, and multiple systems and devices must work together to ensure the flow of information, goods, and services.

Electronic data interchange necessitated new rules governing how information was transferred, accessed, and stored. Now, organizations must comply with variety of government and industry mandates, customer agreements, and global requirements to secure and track confidential information, prevent data breaches, and maintain business continuity.

And that’s why secure managed file transfer and reliable business integration are crucial for any company today.

How Cleo Helps Your business

Many businesses run on disparate legacy technologies or homegrown solutions that tactically address parts of the aforementioned requirements. These technologies, however, pre-date the digital data explosion and often can’t communicate with each other, impairing chances of maintaining a single source of truth for data movement among these systems. Strategically managing the information flows and leveraging real-time insights, staples of competitive business today, become impossible, and it’s even more unwieldy to quickly obtain the reports and audits required to meet modern security expectations.

That’s where Cleo comes in. We architected the Cleo Integration Suite from a common platform and user experience, initiating a single and unified solution to easily manage any file transfer and integration requirement and exceed government, partner, customer, and industry mandates.

This single-platform design is … well, by design. With technology and business needs evolving seemingly every day, our single-platform Cleo Integration Suite makes it that much easier to address changing business demands while spanning numerous major integration use patterns. No need to integrate yet another integration tool into the mix; instead, just commence using the already integrated capabilities from within the Cleo Integration Suite.

Meet your business and IT objectives, gain added visibility into your organization’s file transfer activity, meet trading partner mandates, and do business better with Cleo’s single-platform integration technology.

What’s In It for You

So why use Cleo? Because you like software to be easy. Because you like efficiency. Because manually tracking down critical file transfers is a waste of time.

Because your collective set of trading partners require dozens of advanced protocols for data exchange. Because you have security and compliance standards to meet. Because you have service-level agreements to exceed. Because your customers deserve better. Because you need to be quicker to say yes to the next set of information integration requirements. Because, “Yes, we can do that” is a true differentiator for your business.

And when Cleo solutions power information integration for five of the Fortune 10 companies (and 44 percent of the Fortune 500), with hundreds of millions of documents exchanged every day, the question stops being, “Why use Cleo?” The question becomes, “Why aren’t you already using Cleo?”

We deploy faster, we integrate better, and we connect your business to your partner communities more nimbly without the high costs of services or soaring maintenance fees. We’re the gold standard in easy managed file transfer, data transformation, and B2B, application, cloud, and big data integration.

Cleo users get 40 years of integration innovation excellence and the best support staff in the world, and this combination helps our customers:

  • Manage and execute mission-critical internal and external data flows
  • Serve customers better with faster response times and maximum uptime
  • Increase visibility into operations with real-time dashboards, alerts, and event trigger notices
  • Simplify deployment of complex information integration with a library of 900 pre-built configurations
  • Speed up revenue and time to value with faster partner onboarding
  • Grow their business with a nimble and lightweight IT integration footprint
  • Cleo has built a great team of information integration experts that have closely listened to customer needs in a wide range of industries and business sizes to architect the Cleo Integration Suite. It’s the best hybrid-pattern integration platform to support your current and emerging business information integration needs, while future-proofing your infrastructure to aptly handle future integration requirements built by the same great team within this powerful single platform.