6 Capabilities to Accelerate Error Resolutions by 60%

Disruptions in the order-to-cash process usually is a result of systems and applications not being able to effectively share critical data. When a transaction error occurs, the problem must be quickly identified and resolved to minimize risk of decreased operational efficiency, which ultimately leads to lost revenue.

Barry Sponsler, Principal Solutions Architect at Cleo, examines common integration pitfalls that lead to poor exception management processes. Learn about the six key capabilities you’ll need to quickly address issues and mitigate business risk. Further, we’ll provide real-world approaches used across the supply chain to achieve operational excellence, and ensure that all customer SLAs and business requirements are met.

This webinar will cover the six critical capabilities you need to optimize your exception handling, including how to:

  • Standardize exception identification, notifications, and resolution process support

  • Centralize all exception related processes

  • Monitor and manage exceptions in real-time

  • Automate exception ID and notifications

  • Support exception volume increases

  • Provide governance with full tracking and auditability


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