Transforming IT Systems to Drive Business Value

While the term “digital transformation” means something different for each company, it is responsible for delivering better customer experiences, improving business operations, and opening new revenue opportunities. To drive digital transformation, organizations often continue to spend time and money on maintaining their existing purpose-built systems, while customizing one-off integrations to connect older technologies with more modern cloud applications. This approach ultimately has the opposite effect to meeting digital transformation goals, and could even cost the businesses more.

Join Jacob Olson, Principal Solutions Architect at Cleo, as he explains the benefits and potential roadblocks of IT systems modernization initiatives, and what you can do to build a modern integration framework that supports current and future digital transformation projects. Listen to the webinar on demand to learn what IT systems modernization processes are needed to drive more value to your business by:

  • Enabling existing IT systems scalability

  • Flexibly adapting to new use case requirements

  • Rapidly adding new partners and applications without disruption

  • Meeting customer SLAs and mandate compliance

  • Ensuring data security and locking down infrastructure

  • Accelerating data operational flows with end-to-end visibility

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