Webinar - 2019 State of Ecosystem and Application Integration

Drivers and Outcomes of IT Modernization Strategies Impacting Today’s Digital Transformation Initiatives

To better retain and attract new business, many companies are shifting their focus towards providing better customer service through the use of innovative technology. Yet according to a recent study, of companies surveyed claimed they struggle with how they will modernize their existing IT infrastructure to support this and other digital transformation initiatives.

In this on-demand webinar, Tushar Patel, Chief Marketing Officer at Cleo, and Aswin Majjiga, Head of Cleo Services, highlight common challenges, best practices, and success stories of how companies have successfully transformed their business by modernizing digital ecosystems. Watch now to learn how you can:

  • Identify and overcome common IT modernization roadblocks

  • Ensure customer satisfaction by seamlessly integrating legacy and new technologies, and partner systems

  • Reduce risk of lost revenue by improving data flow processes

  • Maintain SLA and regulatory mandate compliance


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