Preparing for Your Cloud Migration: A Proven Process to Ensure Success

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Migrating to the cloud can feel overwhelming, but it does not have to be. The key is a three-step process that includes planning, preparing, and de-risking activities to ensure your team is ready for a successful migration. 

We share our learnings from 100s of go-lives and provide specific actions your team can take to help guarantee success. We will also cover Cleo's approach to de-risking a cloud migration. This is the ideal session for anyone considering moving to Cleo Integration Cloud (CIC) or is about to embark on their own CIC implementation.

What You’ll Learn by Watching the Full On-Demand Webinar

● Cloud migration trends

● Primary reasons to migrate to the cloud

● The blueprint for a successful cloud migration:

○ Planning phase

○ Preparing phase

○ Risk mitigation


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