Prepare for the Future of Managed File Transfer

Companies typically deploy a number of managed file transfer solutions to support their daily B2B and A2A processes, as well as the reliable data transformation, certificate management, and very specific secure protocols to do business with specific partners. But IT resources are stretched thin micro-managing all of these systems, which often don’t integrate well with each other and can’t deliver unified views of the traffic flowing (or not flowing) through them.

If you’re struggling to support current requirements while also just scratching the surface on newly emerging integration use cases, including ground-to-cloud, cloud-to-cloud, big data ingestion, large file transfer, data transformation, and high-speed data transfer protocols, the word “overwhelmed” might be an understatement. This sea change in MFT standards, however, gives companies an opportunity to rethink how their technology stack can support all of these converging integration needs and also empower “citizen integrators” to deploy and manage their own integration and data transfer solutions.

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