Mastering Accelerated Partner and Application Onboarding

Eliminate slow and complex onboarding processes that drain your business

In a recent market survey, 62% of companies say that customized partner requirements take too long to implement, while 48% had claimed that modernizing existing IT systems and applications were their biggest integration challenge. When Business growth depends on the agility to meet changing ecosystem dynamics, you need to ensure you can easily manage new partner requests while maximizing the value of your existing and new best-of-breed applications. Join Steve Pease, Principal Solutions Architect at Cleo as he outlines best practices for rapidly establishing new B2B partner relationships and implementing new business applications without disrupting current operational flows. View the webinar on demand today to learn common onboarding challenges and risks companies face, and the five capabilities you should look for to enable:

  • Faster partner and application onboarding

  • Quick processing of any data type

  • Reduced risk of costly errors

  • Automated data flow processes

  • End-to-End data visibility

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