Error Resolution & Reprocessing

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Cleo gives you the power to proactively address any EDI services or application issues from Cleo Integration Cloud (CIC) Cockpit. We make it easy to track issues with real-time alerts, so you always know the status and progress of issues you care about. With Cleo, you can increase agility and control by resending and reprocessing messages — or improve visibility by sharing tickets with team members and ecosystem partners. 

In this session, we’ll see some commonly failed transactions. Then, we’ll uncover actionable business insights by showing where and when issues occur. By pinpointing the exact source of a problem, you can immediately assess the impact on revenue and inventory. We will also demonstrate how easy it is to reprocess messages right from CIC Cockpit.

What You’ll Learn by Watching the Full On-Demand Webinar

● An overview of the new troubleshooting approach in CIC

● The advantages and features of the new troubleshooting approach in CIC

● Live demos of data movement and transformation troubleshooting, as well as reprocessing a successful message


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