B2B Managed Services: Key Reasons to Consider the Cloud for B2B/EDI

What are the key reasons to consider moving your B2B operations to the cloud?

Frank Kenney, former Gartner Analyst and technology strategist, provides all the insight you are looking for in this fast-paced 10-minute webinar.

Get concrete perspective on:

  • The challenge of self-managed daily integration activities

  • The shift of business strategies and new customer demands

  • Integration requirements for handling increasingly complex B2B operations

Further, gain insight how outsourcing B2B integration can free your business from strenuous integration projects, including setting up:

  • Data transformations

  • Secure communications

  • Governance and visibility

Whether you require automated EDI, integration, or the secure movement of large files and datasets, outsourcing B2B requirements critically provides the opportunity to optimize business communications and continuity, and improve essential revenue-driving operations.

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