Big Data Integration: Unlocking Ecosystem-Wide Business Analytics

As companies become increasingly digital, data-driven decision-making is essential to uncovering new business opportunities, and driving better customer experiences. To enable significantly higher-level analytics and business insights, modern intelligence solutions will need to process a tremendous amount of historic, operational, and real-time data. To handle all of this data, companies need to implement new forms of data lake storage technologies, and have the ability to connect, integrate, and securely move all this data at greater scale and lower cost.

View the webinar on demand to learn how to enable faster business intelligence without compromising operational uptime, cost, or data integrity by:

  • Accelerating flows for large data sets

  • Quickly connecting to systems, applications, and data lakes

  • Reducing data storage resources Governing end-to-end data flows

  • Supporting a scalable and highly available integration architecture

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