The Top 10 Challenges of B2B Integration Today

A company’s ability to differentiate themselves in today’s accelerated digital business environment depends on whether it can say “YES” to any integration need. Complex business requirements, such as omni-channel enablement or the rapid onboarding of a new partner, call for a modernized approach to B2B integration. But how are companies managing these challenges with limited resources, expertise and time?

Join Eric Falls, Principal Solutions Architect at Cleo, as he explains the 10 most common issues facing B2B solutions today, and what you should be looking for when planning a superior approach to your B2B strategy. Eric will provide examples of how you can remove the complexity of building and managing integration processes without burdening IT staff, while ensuring peak operational efficiency and achieving greater business flexibility.

This webinar will cover how to quickly enhance your B2B integration capabilities to:

  • Connect and integrate any data across any partner, application and data lake

  • Collaborate across business and technical stakeholders on the same platform

  • Provide contextualized visibility and reporting specific to various stakeholders

  • Manage complex transformations and business flows without requiring developers

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