Quickly, easily, and securely move extremely large files. By optimally using existing network bandwidth and infrastructure, our cutting-edge high-speed transfer technology moves data several multiples faster than leading competitors'.

Transfer Large Files Quickly with Cleo

Does your company need to move really large files between points inside your company or between your company and others? Is it critical to move your files quickly and reliably, tracking them along the way while keeping them secure? Have you ever shipped a hard drive or other media using an overnight courier to get that job done? And when the data takes too long to reach its destination (or fails to) and processes slow down or stop, is it making your business less competitive? Is it negatively impacting measurements and customer service level agreements? What if you had a simple and easy solution that could move really large files and move them quickly? Cleo Jetsonic has been specifically designed to quickly, easily and securely move extremely large files. Cleo Jetsonic works by simultaneously sending encrypted parts of the file over available bandwidth while reassembling the file contents together at the receiving end. With checkpoint restart, your files can resume sending in cases where communication hiccups happen, instead of starting over from the beginning. Cleo Jetsonic is easy and simple to install configure and operate and it's easy to set up alerts and notifications to keep important people and systems updated as your large transmissions are tracked. And Cleo Jetsonic is easily expandable to meet your other secure data communication needs like AS2, secure FTP, OFTP and dozens of others. Cleo has been a leader in data communication for decades, serving tens of thousands of companies around the globe. Cleo technology moves hundreds of millions of documents per day, including some of the largest files used in production IT operations. And for these large files, Cleo can move them many times faster than other available alternatives. Learn more about how Cleo Jetsonic can move your large files quickly!